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What are you noticing about the writing in your book?

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message 1: by Hyclak (new)

Hyclak Hyclak | 2 comments Mod
In my choice book Red Queen, the author, Victoria Aveyard, is using a lot of appositive phrases to add description of people and places. In the first chapter, the main character is walking through the town pickpocketing unsuspecting villagers. Aveyard sets up the scene using commas to set off the descriptive phrases: "Down the street, at the crossing of Mill and Marcher roads, the crowd thickens and more villagers join the current. A gang of kids, little thieves in training, flutters through the fray with sticking, searching fingers" (3). By utilizing the appositive structure, Aveyard details the setting first by explaining the main character is looking at an intersection of two roads. By adding the fact that the main character is at a crossing, the reader can infer that there is an increased amount of traffic, making it easier for the main character to pickpocket. In the next sentence, Aveyard again uses an appositive to describe the "kids" as "little thieves in training," which illustrates to the reader that stealing is a way of life in this community that kids have to learn from an early age in order to survive. In these two sentences, the reader is given short phrases of description that really define the world being created and the rules by which the characters have to live.

message 2: by Riley (new)

Riley | 2 comments In my book called This is how you lose her by Junot Diaz. I have noticed my book has taken place a while ago. Why I think this is because the N word is said a few times and it was said a lot in 1800-1900, but in today's world you wouldn't use that word. So I believe that the setting it taking place in that time. But also, I have noticed that this book is a romantic book. The narrator is telling the story, and he likes this girls he knows and he wants to date her. But she is not feeling the same yet. So as of right now they are just friends, but I believe that they will date eventually.

message 3: by Kane (new)

Kane | 2 comments my books called bronxwoods by Coe Booth. I have noticed that my book has taken place in a ghetto street in new york around the 1990s. this book is more of a personal story of a kid in a place where there are gang violence and drugs this kid lives with a few of his friends because his dad was in jail. the kid is the one telling his story and I don't really know what's gonna happen next because the book is really crazy as if now.

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 2 comments In my book," The Cellar" by Natasha Preston, the author uses different perspectives to navigate the story and show different points of view. This is shown in each chapter with the perspectives of Clover, Summer, and Lewis. For example, while Summer is losing hope to be saved in chapter 26 page 251, Lewis is starting to get curious about who kidnapped Summer and is getting closer to saving her. During Lewis's chapter on page 285, Lewis thinks" Summer could be in there. But surely she could leave if he was at work? It doesn't make sense," while he is checking around Clover's house. Showing Lewis, Summer, and Clover's perspectives help the reader see every side of the story and show the limitations of each character's point of view. From Summer's perspective, she doesn't know Lewis is getting close to finding her. From Lewis's perspective, he doesn't know how close he is to finding her. These limitations create tension, causing the reader to get anxious every time they know one character is so close to another. In conclusion, in the book "The Cellar" by Natasha Preston, the author uses different perspectives to limit/explore each side of the story and create feelings of tension and unease for the reader.

message 5: by Alex (new)

Alex Vera | 2 comments I'm reading a book called Watch Me by A. J. Holt., The author uses a lot of description for each scene, how the characters are feeling, their senses, etc. One example from the text on page 52 is, "Leaning on one of the white-painted wooden posts supporting the wisteria arbor, Bill Hawkins smoked his pipe and watched the sun go down over the steep wooded cliffs of the Potomac Palisades and the dark winding course of the river itself, a hundred feet below him." This sentence shows how in-depth the author is going for the imagery for the book

message 6: by Ava (new)

Ava Stantz (avabee123) | 2 comments The book that i'm reading is called Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer. The story is another book in the Twilight series but it is told in the perspective of Edward Cullen. What I noticed about the writing of the book is that it is written with old timely words and grammar. They did this because Edward was born in 1901 and back then, they talked differently than we do now, so Stephanie showed that with Edward. I also noticed that in this book, Stephanie went into more detail with Edward then she did when writing the other four books from Bella's perspective.

message 7: by Hunter (new)

Hunter | 2 comments In my book all American boys by Jason Reynolds. The story is far about this high school kids who like to party a lot and play sports like basketball. And every chapter they switch to a different character. So they can get all the point of view that are happening in the story. I am noticing that they are good kids but one of them was accused of stealing.

message 8: by Chris (new)

Chris Pattison | 2 comments In my book, Hole In The Sky, by Pete Hautman. The time is set in 2038 after a virus has killed most of the people and animals on the earth. The book is about a small group of people who have to survive and stay away from groups of people who survived getting the virus and have gone insane. Something that I have noticed in my book is that there are a lot of flashbacks of different characters so readers can get a better understanding of their background. This is unique because some chapters take place during current day and others are from weeks ago and one time even over 4 years ago. One more thing that I am noticing is that the author uses a lot of description about characters and makes the reader have a good picture of what the character looks like and what they are wearing. The last thing that I noticed was the group sometimes has to use sign language because one of the members in the group rarely talks and another one cannot talk at all.

message 9: by Idrees (new)

Idrees In my story, one piece volume 42, by Eiichiro Oda it’s obviously noticeable that the story doesn’t take place in any recent timeline, in fact the story is based in a world undergoing a great age of piracy. This strange world is comprised of four major oceans divided by a thin and almost unattainable sea, known informally as the grand line running horizontally through the middle of the earth, diving the four oceans along with a vertically settled piece of land running across the earth known as the red line. In this unusual world of weird powers and pirates there stands a united force know as the World Government and their military power to apprehend pirates and keep order. Although, in the case of the one piece world we follow a group of notorious pirates know as the Straw Hat Pirates and their captain, Monkey D. Luffy working to free their friend and fellow crew mate out of a government facility, designed to hold fake trials, and sentence pirates know as Ennies Lobby. I’ve noticed an intriguing conflict between both pirates and government personnel going about the story to understand the line of moral belief in a world of unjust politics. Following not only the Straw Hats struggles to break out their innocent comrade as well as the marines internal battle of their morality and their orders.

Idrees Nait

message 10: by Brayden (new)

Brayden Sherman | 2 comments In my book, I Will save you by Matt De La Pena it takes place by the ocean. It gave a story on how something life changing happens with a boy killing his best friend. I've noticed that this kid is running from his past and his future with no guidance. The author is rising the intensity as you read and makes you want to flip the page to find out who is saving who?

message 11: by Cason (last edited Sep 10, 2020 11:28AM) (new)

Cason | 2 comments The book is called Warlord by Angus Donald and it takes place in Paris from 1194 - 1199. The author uses older words and sometimes older fonts. It is discribed as a more gruesome Robin Hood. I haven't gotten too far into the story so I can't tell you much more.

message 12: by Serenity (new)

Serenity | 2 comments In my book, Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King, there is a lot of emotions involved in the book. The author really catches your interest because the author describes the main character's feelings and makes the character pick up on the other people's emotions around him. There is also a lot of dialogue in the book which helps you to understand the characters and their feelings and what is going on around them, this helps the book all come together and makes it make sense to the reader. The last thing that I noticed is that the perspective in the book changes quite a bit, One chapter can be like you are in the body of one of the characters and the next chapter is like a narrator explaining how that same character is feeling. The book is definitely is written in a way that really grabs the readers attention and the different perspectives throughout the book really makes it fun to read.

message 13: by Kyria (new)

Kyria Quintana | 2 comments In my book, "Tyler Johnson Was Here" by Jay Coles, I noticed that there was a lot of violence communication and opinions involved. This author made it more interesting by giving more detail into the story itself. It was very descriptive by the way he explained things. He doesn't only include the main characters perspective on things, he also gives an idea of what the other characters are thinking. The violence comes into play in the beginning of the book. In the first chapter a cop was stopping 3 teenagers because of their skin tone while pinning down a white male face down into the sidewalk. The last thing that I really liked about this book was the communication between all the characters. I liked this because it made it a lot more interesting and made it easier to picture in my head. I believe that this book is good for readers that are also visual because it makes things a lot easier to understand along with the communication that the main character is having with the other characters. Overall this book is really good and it is very interesting to read about. I don't usually like reading but this is something that is really catching my eye and my attention. This is keeping me entertained and interested.

message 14: by Kendall (new)

Kendall Warren | 3 comments in my book, The Cabin by Natasha Preston i've noticed that the author uses suspense to build up the main event of the book which really makes it so much ore exciting to read because you feel like you wan to keep reading to see what happens next and after that. the suspense makes the book much more interesting and adds to the plot.

message 15: by Kendall (new)

Kendall Warren | 3 comments in my book, The Cabin by Natasha Preston i've noticed that the author uses suspense to build up the main event of the book which really makes it so much ore exciting to read because you feel like you wan to keep reading to see what happens next and after that. the suspense makes the book much more interesting and adds to the plot.

message 16: by Coby (new)

Coby Thomas | 2 comments In my book A Match Made in Hell, I am seeing the writing is very good at imagery and she can really paint a picture in my head about what shes writing about. Ans shes uses a lot of simile's in her writing and it's very fitting for this book.

message 17: by Riley (new)

Riley Moseley | 2 comments In my book Blockade Billy by Stephen King, the main character Billy isn’t exactly what he seems. Billy walks around looking over his shoulder worrying about his past, he acts suspicious. When detectives show up at his door could it destroy his career in the MLB? When it does what happens to the rest of the team will they disappear too? This book is a mystery and horror but you never expect the next turn before it happens. There’s so many metaphors in this book that add so much to each character and what they stand for. The relationships between the players remind me that you need different people from all over the board, but you have to remain open to trusting others. This book is giving me life lessons that will last a my whole life to form a connection on a personal level like Billy and his pitcher have.

message 18: by Avery (new)

Avery Gomez | 2 comments In my book One Was Lost by Natalie D. Richards the story takes place threw the main character Emily's eyes. The book is about four highschool students who decide to go on a trip with the school. Everything is fine until they and their teacher get separated from the rest of the group. So far the book has already started to create an image of what each characters like. Its created in the readers mind how they look, how they act, their past trauma, and how they feel about one another. The book so far has made me wonder so many things like what's going to happen next and are they going to survive.

message 19: by Zachary (new)

Zachary Winters | 1 comments in my choice book live free or die by sean hannity I noticed that he uses alot of quotes to describe his writing and seems to that he has put countless hours of research into this book because there is 49 pages of notes on all of the refrences he makes about things like quotes or statements or pure facts

message 20: by Charlie (new)

Charlie | 1 comments In my book, Libertad by Alma Fullerton. I have noticed that the book takes place in Mexico in the late 1900's. The writing all seems to be peaceful/exotic and even though there is conflict the kind of peacefulness mellows it out. The book makes it seem like everything is going perfect when it is the complete opposite.

message 21: by Aidan (new)

Aidan | 2 comments One of the biggest elements in my book that the author uses is foreshadowing and symbolism. This is a type of book where new threats and story arcs are constantly being thrown at you but through ought the story, the author drops subtle hints giving you just the slightest bit of knowledge about what is going to happen.

message 22: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Godfrey | 2 comments In my book I have been noticing that the author is using a certain tone to describe the events whether them bein g sad or happy it all depends on the mood of the story.

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