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Sam E | 2 comments Hello Goodreads! I am seeking beta readers for my completed + edited YA Fantasy retelling of the ballet Swan Lake, with the prince gender-swapped to a princess. Here is the blurb:


On Crown Princess Friede of Trennen's eighteenth name-day, three foreign princes will vie for her hand. Friede’s choice will forge an alliance, quell her squabbling vassals, and make her the formidable queen she always knew she’d be.

But just as Friede’s princes arrive, a swan leads her to a hidden lake drenched in moonlight. There, the swan transforms into a woman, Odette, who begs Friede's aid. Every swan in the kingdom is secretly a cursed maiden, bound to Swan Lake, where they must transform every dusk and dawn and can never grow older. Odette knows of a mage who might aid them, but the curse's chimera stalk the woods, dragging errant swan-maidens back where they belong.

Moved by Odette’s bravery, Friede champions her to the mage, who reveals that to break the curse Odette must wed her true love. Only, Odette has already met her true love: Princess Friede, who has unwittingly fallen for Odette in return. If Friede scorns three princes to marry a woman she met in the forest, she'll plunge her kingdom into crisis. But if she marries a prince, Odette and her maidens will spend eternity on Swan Lake.


If this interests you, drop your email below and I will send you the full manuscript (or a few sample chapters, if you prefer) as well as a short feedback questionnaire. I'm looking for readers who can read through the manuscript and respond with their feedback within a month.

I would also be open to a manuscript swap, but only for an equal word count or below.

Thanks for your time and interest!

message 2: by T (new)

T | 19 comments Hi Sam, I'm interested in reading. I'll send you a message with my e-mail. :)


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