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Colin | 23 comments What are your thoughts on the announced Eisenhorn TV show? Is it a good idea? A terrible idea? Will it happen at all?

I think it has the potential to be a good thing, but I'm more than a little skeptical - I have a very low level confidence in mainstream Hollywood's ability to make a good WH40K movie.

Bitterwood | 4 comments I think it has the potential to be good. The producer and (I assume) the showrunner, Frank Spotnitz brought us The Man in the High Castle, and was involved in at least some seasons of the X-Files. I think he can get the tone right, and with the right cast and enough budget, it can be something really good.

I think the biggest issue is the pandemic now, which might kill the project before it can even take off. I wouldn't take any movie or tv project for granted in those conditions nowadays.

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