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Victoria (nemerith) | 425 comments As I did last year, going for NOSE TO THE GRINDSTONE.
2x 12h reading... ohhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so looking forward to it! :D

Will try and pick some books in advance going off the number of pages read last time.

Reading planned for 23/09 + 24/09.

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Steph (angel4492) | 28233 comments Happy reading, Victoria!

message 3: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (nemerith) | 425 comments Steph wrote: "Happy reading, Victoria!"
Thanks Steph! :D

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Victoria (nemerith) | 425 comments Ugh, so life got the best of me (and I had to postpone my vacation) so I wasn't able to read 2x 12h so I'm changing mine to 'SLOW & STEADY'
Which doesn't mean I didn't read anything of course ;-)

Ruined King (Night Elves Trilogy #2) by C.N. Crawford Brimstone Bound (Firebrand, #1) by Helen Harper Sold to the Wolves (Enchanted Kingdom Chronicles, #1) by K.N. Lee Forbidden Hybrid by T.J. Spade Dog Days Of Summer (Black Dog, #1.5) by Hailey Edwards Heir of the Dog (Black Dog, #2) by Hailey Edwards
The Song of the Marked (Shadows and Crowns, #1) by S.M. Gaither Legion of the Occult by Roberto Genovesi Touched by Fire (Demons of New Chicago, #1) by Kel Carpenter Demon Born (Hellfire Academy Book 1) by C.L. Coffey Revenge & Rapture (The Jezebel Files #4) by Deborah Wilde

Ruined King by C.N. Crawford - **** - 250 pages -> 3h

Brimstone Bound by Helen Harper - **** - 234 pages -> 2.5h

Sold to the Wolves by K.N. Lee - **1/2 - 86 pages -> 1h

Forbidden Hybrid by Montana Ash - ***1/2 - 271 pages -> 3h

Dog Days Of Summer by Hailey Edwards - **** - 36 pages -> 0.5h

Heir of the Dog by Hailey Edwards - **** - 208 pages -> 2.5h

The Song of the Marked by S.M. Gaither - **** - 512 pages -> 6h

Legion of the Occult by Roberto Genovesi - dnf *** - 223 pages -> 5.5h

Touched by Fire by Kel Carpenter - **** - 334 pages -> 3.5h

Demon Born by C.L. Coffey - *** - 377 pages -> 4.5h

Revenge & Rapture by Deborah Wilde - unfinished - 91 pages -> 1h

Total pages: 2622
Total time: 33h

message 5: by Steph, Just keep swimming … (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 28233 comments Aw, man, sorry to hear your vacay got postponed! Looks like ya read quite a few 4-star reads. Hope life calms down for ya, but you know ... 2020. 🤨🙄🤪

message 6: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (nemerith) | 425 comments Here my review of this year's RAT

Give us the Scoop:
✓ Number of days/hours spent reading: 33h over many days (damn you work!)
✓ Number and/or list of books read: 10 full books and 27% of Revenge & Rapture
✓ Number of pages read: 2622 pages

Optional Add'l Info to Share:
✓ Did you find it fun or was it more of a chore to complete?
I wish I could have done like I had planned, so that was a bit of a bummer, but reading is always fun :D

✓ Is this your first time participating in a Read-a-Thon? If so, would you participate again or was once enough? If not, how did this year's RAT compare?
This is my second year, must say I enjoyed last year more, but then I had more time.

✓ Did you choose RAT books in advance? If so, were you able to read all of the books you'd set aside? Did you find yourself straying from your chosen books and reading more based on mood or another reason?
I chose some of my books in advance, which was easy since they were ARCs :)

✓ Did you have a favorite reading spot?
The sofa is always my prefered spot, with one cat sleeping on me and the other one curled up under my blanket.

✓ Did you find it difficult to stick to your reading schedule? If so, how'd ya overcome it?
This year was very difficult, a lot of interruptions and stuff to do in between :(

✓ Did you discover a new series, author or genre?
A few new series from known authors.

✓ Did you read alone or with a partner?
I read alone.

✓ Which book format(s) did you use for your RAT? Audio, Paperback/Hardcover (DTB), or eBook OR did you use a mix of formats?
eBooks for the win!!!

message 7: by Steph, Just keep swimming … (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 28233 comments I love that your kitties joined ya 😁 Thanks for joining us!

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