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Let's Buddy! - Contemporary > The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan --> Starting September 4th, 2020

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Aly (alyp_01) | 19681 comments Mod
In this tour de force of psychological unease - now a major motion picture starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sinead Cusack - McEwan excavates the ruins of childhood and uncovers things that most adults have spent a lifetime forgetting or denying. "Possesses the suspense and chilling impact of Lord of the Flies." Washington Post Book World.

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 3307 comments Part 1

Oh my word!

There is so much going on with the four siblings. Wowzer.

Julie (view spoiler)

Jack (view spoiler)

Sue (view spoiler)

Tom (view spoiler)

message 3: by Vicki (last edited Sep 05, 2020 02:53PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 3307 comments Part 2

This is way more (view spoiler)

Derek (view spoiler)

Jack and Julie (view spoiler)

Jammin Jenny (jamminjenny) | 3309 comments Chapters 1-4

Wow these siblings are a bit insane. I agree with all of Vicki's comments on Part 1. More to follow as I listen to more chapters.

Jammin Jenny (jamminjenny) | 3309 comments Finished!
Okay well this book certainly had a lot - incest, patricide, matricide, cover ups, mental illness. It was quite a ride! If you are looking for an entertaining, provocative, slightly demented book, then this is a quick easy read.

(view spoiler)

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☘Misericordia☘ ⚡ϟ⚡⛈⚡☁ ❇️❤❣ (misericordia) | 602 comments This is a strike 1 against Ian McEwan: frankly, (view spoiler) While i loved this Sweet Tooth, this is a totally different houseful of flies...

(view spoiler)

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☘Misericordia☘ ⚡ϟ⚡⛈⚡☁ ❇️❤❣ (misericordia) | 602 comments Lord of the Flies vibe? Yeah, most definitely, they even had (view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)

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☘Misericordia☘ ⚡ϟ⚡⛈⚡☁ ❇️❤❣ (misericordia) | 602 comments (view spoiler)
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