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Astrid Ray | 2 comments Hi everyone,

my dark romance novel Something Greater is FREE on Amazon until Tuesday, September 8. You can get your copy here:

They say there is a thin line between love and hate.

Born into a world of brutality and injustice, Elena Starks knows better than to believe it. Her country of Nyrma is engulfed in a civil war fought between two very different nations—Nyrmans and Sariyans. Superiors and subordinates.

As a Sariyan, Elena has never experienced true freedom, and she dreams of a brighter future. But a swift attack of the enemy results in a devastating tragedy. Hopeless and traumatized, Elena is captured and taken to a grim place called Obsidian where she catches the eye of the enigmatic Commander Damien Crane.

The dangerous Nyrman could hurt her in unspeakable ways, but—to Elena’s great surprise—he doesn’t. For some mysterious reason, he shows her mercy and treats her with unexpected kindness while all the other prisoners suffer under his command.

Elena knows she can't trust this merciless tyrant, but his persistent gentle conduct doesn't leave her indifferent. As Damien slowly works his way in, Elena lets down her guard and begins questioning everything she knows. They are a captor and captive, power and helplessness...ying and yang. So different, and yet the same. Can love grow in the midst of hell?

WARNING: Intended for mature audiences.

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Brittney Hafner (brittneyhafner-jackson) | 5 comments thank you

Astrid Ray | 2 comments You're welcome. :)

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