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message 1: by Joshua (last edited Sep 04, 2020 04:16AM) (new)

Joshua Cartwright | 21 comments Hello brothers and sisters,

I've written an adventure story for young adults/preteens to help them see through the eyes of another young person how making a decision of faith is not always easy... but can be done.

It's about 90 pages and I'd so appreciate a few advance reviews.

Here's the synopsis:

"Jonathan is 12, and working as a builder at Herod's Temple in 30AD. Jesus is his hero. But when conflict between Jesus and the Pharisees begins to grow he has to make a choice who he will follow."

The first book in the series has over 40 mostly five star reviews. This one has a different character than the first but is hopefully still gripping and involving.

Please let me know if you can help. Reviews would be used in advance publicity.


message 2: by Yaakov (new)

Yaakov Lui-Hyden | 3 comments Sounds interesting

My email

Pleasure to help out , any format should be fine.

message 3: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Cartwright | 21 comments Thank you. I've sent it, please let me know you got it. And thanks again!

message 4: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Cartwright | 21 comments Would anyone else like to have a read? For certain you'll learn things about the Temple you probably never know - like there was a barbers in the Temple courts....

Annointed Author  | 14 comments Hi Joshua,
You can send me a copy

message 6: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Cartwright | 21 comments Hi Sann, that's most kind. It's coming now.

message 7: by Sara (new)

Sara Blackard | 4 comments Hey Joshua,
I'll review for you. I have two young men this would be good for.

message 8: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Cartwright | 21 comments Thanks Sara, I'll send it over in a few minutes.

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