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Books with Racial Representation

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Write books that you think have good racial representation!

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The Good Kind Of Trouble. I just read this book last week I think and even though it's a middle school grade book. I think EVERYONE should read it.

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Oh, I really want to read that book

Phoenix (Books with Wings) CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE. The author (Tomi Adeyemi) wrote it basically to raise awareness to the BLM movement, though it's a fantasy book you can read the acknowledgements about that's why she wrote it.

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Ooo i will have to read that book

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amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) such a fun age by kiley reid

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oo i will have to read that one too

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) Ooh, what about The Hate U Give?

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Ohhh yesss I love that book and movie

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Just so everyone knows, any book someone mention with racial representation will get its own section in the books with racial representation folder

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has anyone else heard of this book? It's called Passing

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iv'e heard of it but havent read it

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On The Come Up!!

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