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message 1: by Brandan (new)

Brandan | 6 comments I thought I would throw this out. What Star Wars books do you read/prefer? Do you feel Legends is still worth the read or are you straight Canon? Do you indulge in both? I know this is open but I would love to hear your thoughts.

message 2: by Allyssa (new)

Allyssa Smith | 40 comments Legends are awesome.

message 3: by Don (new)

Don Brown (donkbrown) Brandan wrote: "What Star Wars books do you read/prefer? Do you feel Legends is still worth the read or are you straight Canon? Do you indulge in both?."

It is both for me. I primarily read canon material and mix in Legends content when it comes to novels (I stay away from Legends comics). Canon media tells us the unfolding stories in the Star Wars saga with as much continuity as possible, though it is not perfect. And I think Legends media can inform and give contrast and context to canon material. I feel that both lines of media tell great Star Wars stories, have value, and are inextricably connected.

I always suggest that Star Wars fans enjoy both lines of content. Anything to enrich your personal enjoyment of Star Wars is worth the time. Ultimately, the galaxy far, far away exists in your imagination and you can feed that view of the saga with whatever brings it to life for you.

The 'official' stories are fun to follow. But, as Dave Filoni said in 2016, "There's always a bit of truth in Legends."

May the Force be with you.

message 4: by N.E.C.C. (new)

N.E.C.C. | 59 comments I've never read anting from legends, i started reading when the new canon came out. Also because it was around the time i started reading books. But i heard good things about Legend books, i might read some at one point :D

message 5: by Courtney (new)

Courtney | 9 comments I started with legends before all of these new canon books were coming out. I like both for sure. I just love hearing Star Wars stories no matter if they are legends or canon. Right now, I am working through canon, but I will go back to legends if I want something more.

message 6: by GodzillaGus (new)

GodzillaGus | 2 comments I'm a hardcore Legends fan and a casual canon fan. I only read Legends but have listened to maybe 2 canon audiobooks. It's been a joy to go through Legends chronologically.

message 7: by Aaron (new)

Aaron | 2 comments I read canon solely for insight into what's being planned for the future and backstory. Legends, while varying wildly in quality are way more fun works. Writers had a lot more creative license, so a lot of things Disney won't touch were explored.

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