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message 1: by Dela (new)

Dela Romadhona Based on Sophia's world novel we get an impression of how the novel is full of interesting puzzles about philosophy. I think that behind this phenomenal and interesting novel it is related to his other novels.

message 2: by Anisa (new) - added it

Anisa And i've read some of his novels, and its quiet interesting. Especially when i read this book, i feel like i got a lot of new thoughts which i've never know before.

message 3: by Eric (last edited Sep 03, 2020 01:20AM) (new)

Eric At first i thought this book is a children's book, but after i read it and browse in the internet, i realized that this book is not neant for children and the genre of this book is philosophical fiction.

message 4: by Sania (new)

Sania ramadhani I think this book is a the most elusive book I've read. Because, many difficult world in this book

message 5: by EKA (new)

EKA FAHRUN first time i think this is children's book but after a\i read it many difficult words i found and also i think this is philosophy books.

message 6: by Farra (new) - added it

Farra Dieba Same with Eric, when i saw the cover of the book at the first time, i thought that this book is a children's book, but when i decided to read it i realized that this book is about the history of philosophy.

message 7: by Sitra (new)

Sitra Hasyira at first, i really interest to read this book because i don't know much about philosophy, but the story is a little bit hard to understand in first read. so i have to read 1 chapter at least twice so i can understand the story.

message 8: by Eka (new)

Eka Listy So, does this book meet your expectation? Were you satisfied, or did you feel dissappointed with how it turned out?

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