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Anna's Past
Engelin Isabel Engelin Sep 03, 2020 12:52AM
First of all, I didn’t finished the book yet and I’ve just read until the half of this book. I think the sexual orientation of Anna is because of her life in the past. Maybe because she is a broken home kid or maybe because of her past (Michael). Did you guys agree?

It could be!!!!!
We cannot control our feelings but behavior!!!

Hi!!! Yasshhh it could be. I have same opinion with you elin, I think her past with Michael is the reason why she starts attracted to a girl.

Yes I have the same opinion with you, Engelin. Anna's past make her life changed also her sexual orientation. Maybe she get trauma to have relationship with a boy so she changing her sexual orientation.

It seems that Anna was greatly affected by her past experience. Did you have similar experience? Is there any past experience that brought a great impact on your present life, either in a good or bad way?

yea perhaps her past changed her, but I believe that she attracted and fell for Flynn because of Flynn's charm.

It could be, past trauma can change his sexual orientation

Probably!! But I think there's another reason why Anna starts attracted to a girl.

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