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Flynn job
Satrio Pambudi Satrio Sep 03, 2020 12:52AM
Do you think Flynn's job as a musician influenced Anna's sexual orientation?

LOLLLL it could be! I mean, who knows?
In one side, Anna does love music and the one who plays music well is Flynn. so???????

I don't think so, but maybe she become more masculine because of her job.

I don't know about it, but I think it because Flynn's character that make Anna like and then fall in love with her.

Hahaha I dont think so if Flynn's job influenced Anna's sexual. Maybe Flynn just have something different that make Anna interesting with her.

woww your opinion was great, I don't even think about it, and yeah Anna's could be influenced Flynn to become a musician :D

I guess not if Flynn's job influenced Anna's sexual...but I would say yes if Flynn's charm made Anna fall in love with her :D

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