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message 1: by Jenna (new)

Jenna Hager (jennabushhager) | 174 comments Mod
Tell us what you think about "Transcendent Kingdom" by Yaa Gyasi.

message 2: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl S (book_boss_12) | 2 comments Omgosh! I am in love with this novel! I sadly have an addict in my life and some of the things written really hit home for me.
The writing was brilliant and the story was so eye opening. One of my favorite reads this year!

message 3: by Jessi (new)

Jessi I started late so I'm only on chapter 15.

From the first few pages I felt so connected to Gifty and I couldn't figure out why until I realized that she is a One on the enneagram. I was also raised in the Pentecostal church and share so many of her questions and concerns about sin and being good. The deeply rooted desire to be good and do good and the constant questions about her faith along with the enneagram has me feeling like I'm reading words from my own life.

I absolutely love this book. I'm just starting to get back into reading again and I'm so happy I started with Yaa Gyasi, her writing is so relatable.

message 4: by Shravaniya (new)

Shravaniya | 1 comments and here i am just starting. Hopefully i catch up soo. wish me luck!!

message 6: by Patty (new)

Patty Tomsky | 1 comments This book was so immersive and Gifty is one of my favorite characters ever. The themes and characters; the pacing and events are done seamlessly with many flashbacks that she handles magically. The brother- sister relationship was sad and beautiful. The only thing I didn’t like was the ending I felt she just began telling us things and not doing any scene work which she is masterful at doing. I will read this again. It is a window into racism and addiction that is done with so much skill and beauty. She’s such a great novelist!!

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