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Andromeda wasn't normally the one to go to the bathroom during school hours. 99% if the time she was teased for her amount of time she takes while putting on makeup or changing clothes for gym. It was a surprise though, when she walked into the bathroom and saw another girl their. With this, she leaned against the wall. "Hey doll." the blonde speaks, smirking at Calantha's body manner. "What're you doing in here?" it wasn't like she was using the actual bathroom plus Meda hadn't been able to get a girl to flirt with in a while.

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Today just wasn't Calantha's day. First, she was late to her first period class, and it was her second tardy. If she had gotten another one, then she was in trouble, although she wasn't sure what that exactly was. Then, in her fourth period, there was a surprise test; she hadn't studied for it at all. Now, it was fifth period, and Callie was in the bathroom trying to calm down.

The girl looked at herself in the mirror, her hands against the sink in front of her, and she started to cry. Sure, she tended to be over dramatic at times, but sometimes it was just too much for her right now. At some point in the midst of her breakdown, she heard the door creak open. "Hey doll," is all Callie hears before she whipped around to see who it was. "What're you doing in here?"

Calantha quickly wiped away some of the tears from her face, smearing her mascara with her hand. The girl noticed it was Andromeda; she knew of her, but didn't know the other girl very well. "I- uh," Callie started, but wasn't sure how to finish her response.

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Andromeda took a look at her despair and frowned. "I can help you with that. If you sit on the counter I'll make it so you look like you haven't been crying." With this, she hold up a her makeup bag. "I won't ask why either, just here in case you want some emotional support." with this she sets the bag on the counter, before washing her hands.

The faucet turned on, and as she washed her hands the ice wielder was able to turn the water going through her palms into snow, it gathering in the sink before melting. "I'm Meda, or Andromeda. Depends on what you wanna call me." Her icelandic accent whisped through her tone.

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At the other girl's suggestion, Calantha nodded and did what Andromeda instructed her to do. She watched as the girl sat down her makeup bag that she had held up a few moments before. It was a lot nicer than what Callie's was, which was a dinky little, plastic pink handbag that she had bought a long time ago.

Andromeda introduce herself, and Callie hadn't realize she haven't done the same yet. "Ah, I'm Calantha, or Callie. Or Cal. Whichever, it doesn't matter to me either," Calantha said with a slight smile.

Calantha looked back up at the other girl and studied her for little bit. She couldn't help but notice about how beautiful she was. Callie had never really thought about anyone like that... maybe she shouldn't. After all, Andromeda was a classmate, possibly a friend if the conversation continued any longer. Despite all this, Callie couldn't help but want to get to know her more. "So, what brought you to a place like this school?" she asked her.

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"I got the powers for it plus who doesn't want to have the experience of a normal highschool in a fun and powerful way?" Andromeda hummed, drying her hands off before taking her place before Calantha. She took little time, pulling out her makeup remover and gently rubbing Callie's face. Immediately the powder removed and she continued.

"What about you? Daddy issues?" Andromeda teased once more, her cold hands gentle against Callies face. "You know, you have the most gorgeous eyelashes." she breathed, watching them as Callie blinked. "Mine are fake." the blonde smirked, pulling off the fake eyelash she wore.

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Calantha laughed a bit at the girl's response. "Well, I assumed that you had powers, or you wouldn't be here!" Then the girl paused and pondered for a second before she continued, "Wait a minute, is that true for everyone? Perhaps there's a staff member that doesn't! Hmm..." Callie then became quiet and sat there fairly still, making sure that she doesn't mess Meda up with what she was doing. For some reason, even though she didn't know the girl well, Cal already trusted her, and not just with her makeup.

Callie rolled her eyes in return and replied, "Sort of. He isn't really in my life anymore. My mom and little sister are, though. I kind of blew off the rest of my family, they're jerks like my dad." At the compliment, Callie blushed just a tad, but tried not to show it. "Aw, thank you! And, yours look just fine, don't downsize yourself!"

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"Honey- Mine are literally fiber." She waved the eyelash around. "I'm not saying they don't look fine." Meda smirked and touched up on Callie's mascara before she stepped back, biting her finger. "Ah, no, I need to fix this." The girl decided before she continued, standing inbetween Cal's legs.

"Ah...my papa works in india, so I only see him a month out of a year." She had a far off look in her eyes before her attention snapped back to Callie. "My maman and brothers adore him though. I'm not fond."

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