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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Adult Romance- couple and husband's friend have a relationship while he lives with them. There is a second short book written from the friend's perspective.

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Courtney Kinsella | 2 comments Adult romance, read several years ago. Couple and husband's male friend have sexual affair. Friend lives with them temporarily. Husband doesn't allow penetration of wife by the friend. Leaves abruptly, has feelings for husband, wife seeks out friend. There is another book with the same story but written from the friend's perspective. Possible unisex character name- Alex or Jaime?

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Kris | 35366 comments Mod
Courtney, around what year did you read this book? A range of years is fine.

What are the main characters' jobs?

What's the location (country, region, well-known city, small town)?

Courtney Kinsella | 2 comments Between 2012-2015.
Don't remember professions.
In the US, suburbs somewhere.

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