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Stormblood (The Common #1)
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Monthly Reads > September 2020 -- Stormblood by Jeremy Szal (No Spoilers)

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Oleksandr Zholud | 1705 comments Mod
This is first impressions thread for the SF read o the month

Cordelia (anne21) | 83 comments This looks interesting. I read the blurb Goodreads wrote about the author, It appears that he grew up in the Australian outback and was raised by dingos.

Oleksandr Zholud | 1705 comments Mod
Cordelia wrote: "This looks interesting. "

I think that too. I plan to start in in a few days

message 4: by Nathan (last edited Sep 08, 2020 06:55AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Nathan | 1 comments I read this book. I really thought I would like it, but ended up feeling that it needed a bit more characterization - the whole novel felt a bit like a videogame (that I was losing). The author was clearly obsessed with the fantasy of a character archetype and stormtech, but couldn't get past it enough to write a compelling story. Here's the review I wrote shortly after I finished it (spoiler free):

"Cool setting with interesting technology and a space opera-like vibe that I really enjoyed. The link to mass effect (video game) is accurate - both the good and the bad.

In a way, I thought it was maybe too simplistic. I started skimming through the video-game like action sections as there were just so many. The pace of this is just relentless - it’s almost non stop action, and the parts that aren’t action packed are receptive reflections on dealing with storm tech, flashbacks (also action filled) and childhood trauma. Eventually it all just blurred together.

Promising start, but I need more depth. The characters need a bit more fleshing out. The enemy always seemed a step ahead to the point of being tiresome. I got frustrated with the protagonist’s constant need to go-it-alone (another video game trope). Over and over....

I am not sure if I’ll read the sequels. It’s definitely an interesting world being built here, but I need a more nuanced story than just blood guts and ammo (and stormtech)."

message 5: by Oleksandr (last edited Sep 08, 2020 07:50AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Oleksandr Zholud | 1705 comments Mod
Thank you Nathan for your review. I've added Spoilers thread here, so you can spoil some things you like/dislike there

Oleksandr Zholud | 1705 comments Mod
I forgot to update the thread that I started the story. Now I'm at 50% mark. The start is quite lively and griped me - a nice space opera, not too serious SF about a former military 'upgraded' with alien virus, who now, when the war is over, suffers from this upgrade.

In the middle it went down a little for me - too "lonely wolf with superpowers" but I'll definitely finish it and so far quite possible will read the next volume

message 7: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Kaso | 4 comments My copy just arrived, I like physical books because I pass them on to family & friends. Everything takes longer these days.

Oleksandr Zholud | 1705 comments Mod
Kim wrote: "My copy just arrived, I like physical books because I pass them on to family & friends. Everything takes longer these days."

Great! I'm waiting for your thought on the book

message 9: by Rebecca (new) - added it

Rebecca | 10 comments Enjoyed the book. More in the spoiler thread.

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