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The Tombs of Atuan (Earthsea Cycle, #2)
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August 2020: Witches > The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K Le Guin- 4 stars

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Jen K | 1447 comments Arha was picked from her family when 5 years old as she was born the same night that the Priestess died which means that she is the Priestess reincarnated. She is taken to the Tombs of Atuan to worship the dark Nameless Ones. She learns the stories of the previous priestesses and learns the tricks of the Undertomb and the Labyrinth which leads to the Great Treasure yet doesn't lead a meaningful life until she catches a wizard in her Labyrinth, Ged. Through Ged, she learns more of the outside world and must choose her purpose, to continue to worship the Nameless ones or to help Ged escape.

This is a quiet but powerful book. I read it while reading about butt kicking warrior witches in urban fantasies. In the opposite approach, Le Guin's writing was so refreshing and thoughtful on coming of age, understanding more of life and making choices. I enjoyed the writing and the story.

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Nikki | 661 comments I cannot count how many times I've read this - it was my favourite section of my favourite childhood book. I love both Tenar (Arha) and Ged. Glad you enjoyed it!

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NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 5671 comments I haven't read any of her books yet, but I'll have to remedy that soon.

Joanne (joabroda1) | 7986 comments I love this series-I just finished the 4th book last month-

Jgrace | 2970 comments I read this many years ago. Just after I tore through Tolkien, back in the stone age. I was in high school. The only thing I really remember about it, is that I didn't like it as much as The Lord of the Rings.

I've read other books by Le Guin that I have enjoyed. I think I'd like the Earthsea books better now.

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