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❝ sophocles ❞ (maidenofpirates) | 220 comments

▸all known fire nation characters.

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❝ sophocles ❞ (maidenofpirates) | 220 comments

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀nakagawa taishi

the crown prince of the fire nation
⠀⠀▸ twenty-one + male + heterosexual + lawful evil + firebender

あ* azulon is perhaps a better man than his father; perhaps he is a worse one. (view spoiler)

⠀⠀▸ nationality: the fire nation
⠀⠀▸ residences: royal caldera city
⠀⠀▸ abilities: azulon prides himself in being a firebender. he gained the
⠀⠀⠀⠀ability to bend at a very young age and was considered a bending
⠀⠀⠀⠀prodigy as a child. now, he's developed his own specific style of
⠀⠀⠀⠀bending, as well as created a few new firebending techniques of
⠀⠀⠀⠀his own. he has surpassed the skill of even his father, and is well
⠀⠀⠀⠀on his way to becoming one of the best firebenders in the world.

あ* first-born child of the fire lord, an heir to his throne. (view spoiler)

⠀⠀▸family: (view spoiler)

⠀⠀⠀❝ the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. ❞

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) | 116 comments

fc: jin ki joo
family: all dead
sexuality: pansexual
relationships: to-be-girlfriend of nomi (@ red) 💕
weapons: bow and arrows
strengths: strong-willed, determined, bold
weaknesses: her sneakiness and mischievous nature
loyalties: secret rebel against the fire nation
personality: fiery spirit, strong willed, fights for justice, bold and loyal

(view spoiler)

~ Fire bender, fire nation navy captain, 21

             description description

Everything in her life, upside down because of the firelord. Her mom, her youth, her everything. Spent serving the royal family she despised so much. She was a dormant volcano, waiting for the right moment to explode. And when she does, no one would survive.

Memories haunted her but her face was smooth of any emotions. The pain, the burning rage, the confusion, all hidden beneath her meticulously arranged mask. No one knew the secret she had been hiding. No, they weren't at all aware that she had seen her mother dead with her own eyes. She had gazed upon her mom's glassy eyes, her ashen face, and the pure agony twisting her gentle features. She was gone. And no one knew what had happened.

"Mother! Mother! Don't!!!! I want to see her!!!!" She had screamed desperately, wrestling with the guards in fury. They had brought her the bad news, emotionless and cold as always, as if her mother's death meant nothing to them except that they had lost a soldier. She fumed. Why did it have to be her mother? Her sweet, kind, couraheous mother? Their indifferent faces infuriated her even more as the hot angry tears fell. Breaking through the sea of gilded armor, she caught a glimpse of a dry crackled paper, clutched in a death grip in those impeccably deft fingers. The former glory brought by those hands would be slowly forgotten but the words on the paper burned in her mind.

             ( Everything isn't as it seems. )

Standing in front of the firelord, she had seemed so meek. Yet, her eyes burned with fiery rage, barely suppressing her loathing towards the ruthless king. She didn't want to be his puppet, but the pledge of loyalty spilled out of her mouth automatically, as if she had meant to say them in the first place.

Out came the words, one by one, the tears blinding her eyes. She was going to replace her mother, and no one actually cared. The only cared about the power. The position. Her mother's death went uninvestigated, but Feng was determined to find out the truth. As her oath flowed out in the silent court, she heard her voice breaking at its familiarity. Her mother had been in the same place, repeating the same words as her. But what did she gain? Death.

She knew deep in her heart that she would never succumb. Not for anything. The words engraved themselves in her mind, smoking and sizzling with her mother's last warning. She would heed it, and she would be there to see the fall of the fire nation.

~ She has fire in her veins and embers in her eyes

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    wen shiwei

Wen Shiwei - Traffic Models
(view spoiler)
Time is the fire in which we burn

(view spoiler)DC mood boards /CANCELLED/ - Flame Santana - Wattpad
strengths: strong will, good sense of right and wrong, generosity is key. bender,
weaknesses: bending. as much as she attempts to perfect her way of life she just can't seem to get anything right. Which is why fire flares when she gets angry or overly emotional.
abilities (bender or nonbender): bender
weapons: none
appearance or faceclaim: wen shiwei
ilah has always been that sweet and caring girl. which was why her father refused to allow anyone other then the highest of the high wed her. with that toxic giggle of laughter and those shy looks she gave most people men and women...she was truly a oddity to the fire kingdom. On top of it all, ilah is most known for her knack of catching lies in a conversation which will be quite handy in the future. but..ever since she was a child she's always had this urge to be more then what she was always told she was going to be used for. ilah wants to have a bigger role in society. she feels useless as just 'azulons betrothed' she feels degraded despite how observant she can be. loves helping out with the economy of the people as it lessens her anxiety of a coup d'etat breaking out. Now that she can't visit the people ilah feels much like a caged bird. Her goal is to help the many men and women that take care of the streets.
brother(s) twins
after the death of her grandmother, and the discovering of her bender abilities, ilah was set in stone on her lifestyle. She'd grow up to do nothing but good for the fire kingdom. it wasn't long after she was told that her dream could never happen and that the man who called himself her father would stop any attempts everytime. ilah was a wildflower although. you cut it it'll always come back. bitter with her current way of life, three years ago she signed up for bending classes after killing her pet glider ing. that was when she encountered azulon (which wasn't an accident! Her father set it all up) and immediately fell for the charming male. her dreams were crushed although, after quickly realizing he didn't feel the same for her.

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 91 comments (view spoiler)

                         yonomi takana;; ysa penarejo
( nineteen & female & fire nation & bisexual & crushing & nonbender )
                              B I O G R A P H Yyou a walkin' magnet
    Yonomi, or Nomi as she's grown to prefer it, has had a very simple life. Her father, Admiral Omola, has worked tiredlessly his whole life to serve the Fire Nation, and alongside Fire Lord Sozin believes it is the Fire Nation's Divine Right to share their glory with the world. It would be wrong if they didn't. He taught this lesson to his children, instilling it within their minds upon conception. And for Nomi? Well it sure stuck.

    Nomi's hair is red, as I'm sure you've noticed. Why? Because she wants to show her loyalty at all times. Even if she was naked, she wanted the world to know. Nomi was Fire Nation and had nothing but absolute loyalty running through her veins. Which of course, made her father nothing but proud. His first-born, although a non-bending female, felt nothing but pride and loyalty for their nation. And not for nothing, but her passion for life was more passion than he had ever seen. Since Nomi figured out how to move her tiny limbs, she has been nothing but on the move. And if not physically, you can bet every gold piece on the fact that Nomi is probably talking a lot or at least feeling a lot.

    After becoming a disappointment, aka not being a bender, Nomi tried her hardest to still bring glory to her father. She excelled in her studies, preformed well physically, even looked into spirituality. Is he proud? Probably, but she knows she let him down. Nomi plans on being a teacher in her future. Currently enrolled in university, she dreams of teaching the next generation just how great the Fire Nation is, and express just how wonderful it is that the Fire Nation is (finally!) going to share its gifts with the world. She enjoys drinking tea and sitting calmly watching the sunrise, or thrilling spar practices at her self-defense classes.

                                                L O Y A L   T O : the fire nation

    What Nomi doesn't realize, is that she isn't loyal to her nation because of its greatness. She is loyal because that is who she is. If somehow there was something else that pulled her loyalty but was against the fire nation, she would be at a complete loss. As for Nomi's "natural" state, one can expect a ball of high energy, another thing she may have developed in excess due to her father. Anticipating his daughter to be a fire bender, he enrolled her immediately in gymnastic training, believing she would become the ultimate warrior. Unfortunately for him, Nomi cannot even use a match correctly, nevermind bend. Nomi is a fun-loving girl, who believes deeply in energy and auras. She aims to realign herself every morning, with a cup of tea to ensure she is at her absolute best. Not a day goes by where, while thanking the world for her health, she wishes a long, healthy life on Fire Lord Sozin.

When it comes to strengths, the most obvious one for Nomi is loyalty. Another one would be enthusiastic and a never ending ray of optimisim. Physically, her impressive flexibility and agility sure do aid her in combat, but nothing like her knowledge in chi. Although not as impressive as a famous chi-blocker the nation will one day come to know and love, Nomi's ability is still rather impressive, though she prefers to not use this option if possible. Weaknesses for Nomi, start with her being extremely misinformed about the Fire Nation, and honestly go on to say that her loyalty may not always be such a good thing. Her intense emotions are often a little too much for the world, and maybe too much for her as well. There is also the fact that she is too hard on herself due to trying to please someone with high expectations
        W E A P O N : hand-to-hand or in extreme cases chi-blocking
father Admiral Omola
mother Arazu
siblings Open to be created

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