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▸all known air nomad characters.

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    T     A     S     H     I

age ( 24 ) · female · bisexual · single
fire nation · shuhon island · north chung-ling
airbender · staff · kaiken


Like a raging fire, passion burns in her every fiber. Needing to push forward into the unknown with reckless ignorance. Her will to learn and satisfy her curiosity never ends, as she seeks something greater than herself. Driven to achieve that goal, she is rash and impulsive, but never falters from her decisions. One day her bull-headedness will be the death of her. But to counter her fiery nature, she has a gentle heart and only wishes for peace. She is forgiving and kind even if she comes off as abrasive. Like many air nomads she believes in her choice as a passive party to the war. She will provide comfort and a helping hand, but she refuses to hurt another individual. Her time in the Western Air Temple strengthened her resolve to seek spiritual freedom and connection to all living things. She is focused on reaching spiritual enlightenment while remaining true to her fierce nature. Much like how her parents differed, she became a paradox within herself.


North of the fire nation, years ago a young air nomad feeling lost with her chosen life left the Western Air Temple. Young and ignorant of the world outside of her temple, she traveled south. Her travels took her to the Fire Nation. All alone and unaware of what dangers laid ahead she managed to make it all the way to Shuhon Island. In the town of North Chung-Ling is where she met a young metalworking apprentice. He was a nonbender, who was quick to anger and frustrated that he was the only nonbender is his family line. His name was Shoji.

Shoji and young Ila met and instantly connected. As they grew closer, Ila knew she had made the right choice in leaving her home. On Shuhon Island she made a new home and with Shoji, she had a baby girl. While she had told Shoji about her past, she prayed her baby girl would be a nonbender, like her father.

The first fourteen years of little Tashi's life were like any other. She was happy, loved, and well taken care of. Like her father she had a short-temper that would lead to trouble, but her mother had distilled her with the grace to handle most situations peacefully. However, that normal childhood ended when her bending emerged. Before then she had no knowledge of her mother's past or abilities, she only knew her father's heritage. So when the girl saved herself from a deadly fall with her newly found bending, she was shocked and frightened.

She was upset by the revelation and didn't know how to trust her parents, she felt betrayed, so by the age of sixteen she left. She went to where her mother had fled, the Western Air Temple. She was able to learn about the air nomads and her heritage. Her bending was able to grow and flourish. Her fascination with the spirit world grew from there. Despite her abrasive qualities she enjoyed her time learning all that she could. She learned about her mother, the air nomads, airbending, the spirit world, but most importantly she learned forgiveness. After spending seven years at the Western Air Temple, she made the decision to travel home, to see her parents again.

Tashi grew in her appreciation of the air nomads and fire nation. Despite being from two different worlds she was so grateful to finally learn about both. Though she has no idea about the danger she now is in, as she travels back to her family.

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