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❝ sophocles ❞ (maidenofpirates) | 220 comments

▸place your character here and wait for approval! once they have, please remove them from this thread and place them in the appropriate one according to their nation!

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Austin Beach (lordoftime) | 3 comments name: Zane Moon
nicknames & aliases: the red moon
age: 18
gender: male
sexual orientation: straight
relationship status: single

nationality: southern water tribe
loyalties:southern water tribe, and the avatar
residence: southern water tribe
position (if applicable): none

strengths: his friends and family because emotions are the most important thing to help bend water. an the full moon.
weaknesses: the blood moon because he cat control the water vary well and he was born on that night.
abilities (bender or nonbender):waterbending
weapons: water and a sword

appearance or faceclaim:
personality: is relay happy all the time and loves to bend water.
He is fun to be around and is a helpful person.
family: he comes from the southern water tribe
history: his dad died when he was little

❝ sophocles ❞ (maidenofpirates) | 220 comments

@rose: hi love! okay, so i checked into your fc for ayushi and she still doesn't really fit ethnicity wise, so i'm gonna suggest a few! raven lyn, eden bristowe, or nisaa pouncey! also, as far as i know, no one within the tribe is wealthier than the other, so like everyne is pulling their weight for the sake of the tribe, so you may just need to cut that part! i'm sorry!!

@red: the ozai angel vibe that i am getting from yonomi, omg, i love the fire nation pride!! approved!

@austin: i'm sorry, but you haven't really taken any of my suggestions to heart, so i cannot approve your character! if you have questions, please let me know.

❝ sophocles ❞ (maidenofpirates) | 220 comments


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pandora | 86 comments
icy chieftain // feat. michelle yeoh

      a k a r a                     53                   female                  southern water tribe chief

born and raised in the southern water tribe, akara never knew true luxuries of high society. she was pushed hard as a child to grow stronger to defend her home from all sorts of dangers. whether that be the fire nation, wild animals, or those strayed to piracy. her father was the chieftain before her and he led with great strength. by the time he stepped down and the council of elders sought out a new chieftain, akara was ready to take on the challenges of chief, and the elders agreed that the young warrior was ready for the duties, but they kept a close eye on her.

as a young and new chief, she was concerned about the defenses and economy. despite her age she had a knack for the politics of governing and she was a strong leader. she worked tirelessly to ensure the happiness of her people, to the point that she almost forgot her own happiness. at least until she met her husband, nakoda. he was a young warrior; dashing and charming. but he tried his best to win the young chief's affections. he would show bode and do reckless stunts, but they worked. the rigid akara fell for her potential suitor.

nakoda centered akara's rigidity and helped her see the bigger picture when she was caught up in the details of her plans. it wasn't long before the young couple got engaged, and soon after married. they were happy together and it didn't take long for their children to come after their marriage. her pregnancies weren't easy on her and she almost lost her daughter during child birth and is so grateful for her little miracle.

they were a happy family, but that all changed when the raids started. they were unprepared for the fire nation navy and lost many fine warriors. her husband among the casualties. after the initial attack, the chief grew back to her rigid and icy exterior. she lost her maternal touch and coped by focusing her energy on the defense of her tribe.

the raids that followed were unsuccessful, due to her diligent planning. though that didn't stop the fear that swept through her people. the threat of the fire nation became real. even though the raids have not been consistent, the threat still looms.

akara is a strong bender and dedicated chief. she aims to protect her people, but understands the importance of the politics behind leading. she is constantly working to prove herself to the council of elders. she once handle a gentle and caring hand towards her children, due to the guidance of her beloved. since his death she has become distant and the once warm touch has turned cold. she is unsure of how to connect with her family and just wishes for their health and safety. even though that isn't what comes; she is stern but fair and prays for the happiness of all her people, but especially the happiness of her children.


message 6: by Austin (new)

Austin Beach (lordoftime) | 3 comments ❝ sophocles ❞ wrote: "
@rose: hi love! okay, so i checked into your fc for ayushi and she still doesn't really fit ethnicity wise, so i'm gonna suggest a few! raven lyn, eden bristowe, or nisaa pouncey! also, as far a..."

what do i need to improve

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pandora | 86 comments

scented seeker // featuring claudia kim

  B A R I

    the invisible stalker

Random and unpredictable, allegiances change like the wind. Never the same and always on the move, power is always searching for its new resting place.

She is not evil, nor are her aims or desires evil, but she can be ruthless and malevolent. Her attitude often results in her being a loner, not willing to spend too much time with the real bad guys but not wanting to be held back by the good guys. If that's the way the world truly works; everyone is either good or bad, black or white. There is no grey area. At best she finds benevolent behaviour emotionally rewarding when she can be bothered to do it; at worst she is an asshole who is indifferent or blind to the rights of others.

Her only allegiance is to her and her shirshu, Nyra. She raised Nyra since she was just a pup and trained with her vigorously. That is what her father had expected of her to take over the family business of being a hired sword. Which she has risen to the task, but not in the same way he had. She hunts people down for a price with Nyra and then once located it is up to her buyer how they handle the situation from there.

(view spoiler)

jammy ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ (chaoticdumbo) | 41 comments

 tell me princessgif
                                                                                                               is this your idea of fun?

twenty-four,   A K A M U   ────────────────────
southern tribe prince

Despite his lack of water bending, the son of the southern water tribe chief is far from inadequate. Sporting elongated lashes that softly brush his dark honeyed eyes, every part of him exudes royalty except for his coarse palms that hint at a reality of labor and experience. Equipped with sharp blades and an equally sharp tongue, his roguish smile captures the attention of those around him for better or for worse, however, his eyes have never really been set on any but one. And he absolutely did not indulge in any romantic notions where she was concerned. Nayah's presence was overbearing enough that he decided he had enough of women.
Instead Akamu spent his time studying. Studying his culture, his people, swordsmanship and other arts as well.

The scrutiny that accompanied the title of chief's son grew more bearable over time as Akamu learnt various ways to act. He could be dazzling if he wanted to, pragmatic, pensive- it was the character he generally opted for, one that seemed benevolent and there for his people. In actuality that was no lie; he loved his people, however, certain circumstances demanded he be more.... aggressive. Manipulative if he needed to be, threatening to outsiders, or even more flirtatious when a certain princess arrived so that it didn't give way to his disinterest (okay more than disinterest) in a life of marriage. He learnt how to insult subtly, redirect personal questions and above all how to seem casually unaffected in the most dire of times- for example if he were to catch feelings he should be easily able to hide it. Of course one of his biggest flaws is his passion. Not for himself- but his tribe and what he values. Akamu could easily deflect verbal attacks with a carefree laugh, but there were some topics that were untouchable; he doesn't need bending to make all hell break loose. Akamu is a force to be reckoned with which more than compensates for his lack of an ability.

Resourceful and creative he is useful in the politics and planning of the tribe though one could say his shortcomings cancel this out as he incredibly stubborn and skeptic. Being dogmatic isn't necessarily in the best interest of his people even though he may not have bad intentions at heart. If there was ever to be something that leads to his downfall it would most definitely be his ability to lie immaculately- to others, for sure- but to himself most of all.

In the midst of war, summer is what Akamu dreads the most.

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