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Clap When You Land > Hey guys! This month we're reading Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo! We cannot WAIT for this liveshow after how greatly you've received our last two! And when you have any thoughts definitely leave them down below!

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message 1: by sukhroopreads (new)

sukhroopreads (sukhroopandbooks) | 101 comments Mod
Let's talk!

message 2: by Troy_Reads (new)

Troy_Reads So excited to try something new that I wouldn’t normally read! Hopefully I like it!

message 3: by sukhroopreads (new)

sukhroopreads (sukhroopandbooks) | 101 comments Mod
@Lexie Yayyy! I'm so happy you can read with us this month!

@Troy I so agree with that! I've never finished a YA poetry book, and I'm really expecting a lot from Elizabeth Acevedo! Hopefully I like it as well!

message 4: by mira (new)

mira | 1 comments This book was AMAZING! Her poetry is just so gooooooooood. If you guys like it when you finish you should definitely check out her other books (not for the club). Her first one was also in verse and the second wasn't but they are all 5 stars for me.

message 5: by sukhroopreads (new)

sukhroopreads (sukhroopandbooks) | 101 comments Mod
@Mira Yes I love to hear that! I've honestly heard so many amazing things about Acevedo, I'm both scared and excited at the same time! I'm also interested to finally read a YA book in verse!

message 6: by Ana (new)

Ana K P (indeliblefaith) | 57 comments This is definitely a book I wouldn't have picked up normally, because it's not a genre I actively enjoy reading, so it'll be fun to see how I like it. Also, I think I'm gonna end up getting an ebook instead of a physical copy again, coz whoops, do not own this one and no clue how to get it delivered soon xD

PS: Im glad to hear that the last live show went well! I was out of commission due to a sudden fever, and here's hoping I get to join the next one without issues! :D

message 7: by Ilsen (new)

Ilsen Leon | 8 comments Awww I didn’t get to join the last one!! But I have read this one so I’m going to try to make it for this one!

message 8: by Ritu (new)

Ritu Ranjan (wwwrituranjangoodreadscom) | 8 comments Great! I've already read this book. I hope you guys enjoy and end up loving it just like I did. :D

message 9: by amia (new)

amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH
i only gave it 4.5 stars though because of the attempted r*pe scene (content warning there)

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

I just started the book and I LOVE her writing. It's just impeccable.

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