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❝ sophocles ❞ (maidenofpirates) | 220 comments

▸any questions, comments, and/or suggestions can be posted underneath this thread. i welcome all, and will get back to you in a timely manner!

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❝ sophocles ❞ (maidenofpirates) | 220 comments

hi, this is just a reminder to throw all questions into this thread instead of the chit-chat thread! if i'm not online when you post it in that thread, i may completely overlook it! also, it will be easier for others to see the answers if they may have the same questions!

i will be posting some questions that have already been asked as well!!

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❝ sophocles ❞ (maidenofpirates) | 220 comments

question: should each nation be a specific ethnicity rather than simply asian?

yes! i've already included this in the face claim thread, but i am basing face claim ethnicities by the countries that inspired the four nations!

fire nation: japanese
earth kingdom: chinese/korean
water tribe: inuit/native american/indigenous
air nomads: since they are nomadic, they don't have one set ethnicity and have roots in maybe all nations + some other pocs (taiwanese, thai, etc.)

❝ sophocles ❞ (maidenofpirates) | 220 comments

question: how do last names work in the four nations?

having a last name is extremely rare across all four nations! typically, you only had a last name if you had something worthy to pass down, such as a successful family business! this doesn't apply to the royal families because they have their own separate titles!

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❝ sophocles ❞ (maidenofpirates) | 220 comments

this hasn't been asked but i have noticed it within a few brainstorms and i would like to clear this up for the future!

air temples

while not all of the air nomads lived in the air temples, a great majority of them did! the temples were segregated by sex, leading for there to be two temples that housed the monks and male airbenders-in-training, and two temples that housed the nuns and female airbenders-in-training. airbenders who mastered their bending were invited to remain at the temples, and many followed suite in becoming monks and nuns. however, all the temples allowed for male and female guests!

northern air temple: male housing
southern air temple: male housing
eastern air temple: female housing
western air temple: female housing

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❝ sophocles ❞ (maidenofpirates) | 220 comments

question: do the water tribal chiefs have to be male?

absolutely not! according to the lore before the hundred years war, the chiefs of the tribes could be man or woman! the title is hereditary, so it passed down from parent to child, no matter their gender!

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❝ sophocles ❞ (maidenofpirates) | 220 comments

question: as a part of the fire nation military, will you add any positions for war ministers?

yes, of course! i can open up three positions for ministers. however, we must all keep in mind that this is 100 years before aang wakes up, so the technology is going to reflect that! but, yes, i love that idea, thank you for bring that up!

for those unaware:
"the war minister is an important member of the fire lord's cabinet, whose duties include overseeing the creation and acquisition of any new technology for the fire nation military. occasionally, the minister participates in the operation and demonstration of this new technology on the battlefield."

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