The Nightingale The Nightingale question

Connor Farrell Connor Aug 31, 2020 07:14AM
Did anyone other than myself find The Nightingale extremely overrated?

A 19 year old farm girl leads poor helpless pilots through mountains she has never been in before. That says it all.

I also found this book to be over rated. I waited on a list at the library for 6 months to read this book and after i finished it I wonder why I had bothered. The Alice Network was a much better read.

Connor Farrell I totally agree. The Alice Network was MUCH better.
Sep 03, 2020 10:38AM · flag

I did. Although that's what happens with hype. I found it shallow, though its easy to criticize and impossible for us to truly grasp the realities of this era. I may look into the Alice Network.

I got this book on Audible and loved 90% of it, but early on I knew if I was reading it I would have been beyond bored and not made it very far. I generally prefer reading to being read to. After listening to it on Audible, I tried to watch the movie but couldn't get very far.

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