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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Novel about pioneer/frontier daughter of a doctor. She is in a wagon train without any family. Paperback. Maybe written in the 60s.

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Kulsoom | 18 comments In the story the teen girl's love interest (I think) gets a high fever. They put him in the river to bring his fever down. And the girl uses her medical knowledge to take care of him. That's just a small part of the story but its all I remember. I think she is travelling without family with the wagon train. Either she's going to join her father or he was killed at the beginning of the story. On the cover is a young lady in pioneer dress with her arms crossed and a faraway look (if I remember correctly. I read it roughly in 1993/1994. It was a yellowing paperback. I think the title was something about love or fear or both.

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Kulsoom, you started a thread for this already:


so I'm closing this thread. One thread per book please, otherwise it gets confusing. In a few days or weeks we'll delete this thread.

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