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The Power of Positive Thinking
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Mark Henkel (markhenkel) | 40 comments The current version I am using on GoodReads has this ISBN:
The Power of Positive Thinking

Although this request that I am now making (#6) is for a DIFFERENT book by the same author, the issues involved are very similar to the previous request (#5) that I made last week here:

As with the others from this author, I bought this book in early 1990s and I still own it as part of my collecton of 3 books from this author as pictured together on my profile here:

The cover is most definitely NOT this book's cover that I myself own, even though I have the correct ISBN. (If you look at the above collection (in that last link above), you will observe how ALL of the covers use the same font for the titles (et al) for all three for the color-branding.

The Power of Positive Thinking
by Norman Vincent Peale
ISBN 0449214931
224 pages
Fourteenth Printing: November 1991

I have taken photos of the FRONT COVER, DETAILS Page, and BACK COVER, and uploaded them to my profile under this tag:

(You will note that the 1st pic under that tag is the same above pic of the same collection of my 3 books of Norman Vincent Peale that I own.)

Can you please add this correct book cover (or version of book cover for this ISBN) to the book?


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message 5: by Sandra (last edited Sep 02, 2020 08:22PM) (new)

Sandra | 26020 comments Alternative cover edition created.

Next time just ask for an alternative cover edition & tell the librarian you have put the cover in your pictures.

Mark Henkel (markhenkel) | 40 comments Sandra wrote: "Alternative cover edition created.

Next time just ask for an alternative cover edition & tell the librarian you have put..."

Thank you for taking care of this. I so appreciate it.

I am not sure that I udnerstand your differentiaton you are guiding me to do.

As the name of this heading indicates, this is the 6th cover request I have made since my being a newbie to GoodReads since last mid-July. I have been trying to rightly be following the past guidances and trying to offer as much proven/helpful clarity as possible.

What is it specifically that I was not doing rightly here and/or that I should exactly be doing that you are kindly guiding me to do?

Thanks again!

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