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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Ya fantasy book read around 2016-2017 about a girl who lives at an art highschool program Away from home and her grandmother and working on final art project students start to die mysteriously (possibly) involving crows or ravens?

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Alyssa | 2 comments (Spoilers I think) I read it when I first worked at Barnes and Noble after highschool and loved it but for the life of me I cannot remember name or author
I vaguely remember her grandmother sent her stuff throughout the year and it was special or mystical maybe
She was a painter or sculpture?
They lived on a campus near a small town but it was a highschool for art
I think someone she was partially close with or knew in the school supposedly killed themselves but it was actually a cover up for murder that her and her friends were suspicious about

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Alyssa | 2 comments One of the teachers may have been in on it/evil and maybe that was the crow or raven involvement and was trying to sabotage her and involved with the murders Somehow

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