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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)
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𝕿𝖗𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝕲𝖗𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖉𝖘

As one of the Selected, one should have enough power to rule Agria. No one wants a powerless Queen! Training would be held regularly upon request, either coordinated by the Royal Advisor, Eadlyn, or the Selected could train among themselves. Throughout the day, you could develop your powers here, among the tranquility of the grounds, far from the prying eyes of cameras. Though beware, the royal family is known to take walks here!

A quick note, killing each other is strictly prohibited and do not allow your jealousy to overwhelm your power as well as beauty! May the best daughter of Agria win!

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 85 comments Olberic stepped on to the training grounds. "No one around...I suppose I could practice my swing while I wait for my audience with the queen or king..' Olberic unsheathed his sword. "'s been a long time..." he says as he begins to swing on a dummy. Each strike was perfectly thought out. For some fifty years of age he moved like he was twenty.

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)

The prince walked around the grounds, eyeing several Elementals who were training. It had been so long since he had reached for the comfort of his own powers and he yearned for the thrill. Closing his eyes, he reached deeply into his core, the warmth tingling around his fingers. Just a moment... no one would see... He reassured himself as a hurricane whirled around, enveloping him as he rejoiced in its speed. The cold was invigorating and he sighed, relaxing for the first time inside his secure shell.

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Natalia walked in and spotted the prince. She walked over to him. She smiled. She was interested in what he was doing. "Your a water elemental? That's so cool!"

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)

((Actually he's an Air Elemental :P))

The prince dropped his power in shock and stared at her. "Oh, hey Natalia." He said, straightening his crisp suit, trying to pretend nothing had happened. His heart thumped wildly at the thought that he might be spotted practicing when he shouldn't be and he prayed that Natalia would understand.

"How are you?" He asked, looking around and acting normal.

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((Oh! Well, that's still cool!))
"Hi! Sorry for startling you." She smiled. "I'm well. You?" Natalia was happy to finally see him again. She was excited.

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)

"As always." He replied smiling. "So, you're here to practice, huh? Let's see what you can do." He said, winking at her as he sat down on a large rock, crossing his arms. "Entertain me, milady."

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Natalia smiled. She nodded. "Do you guys have any plants that are dead or aren't growing very fast?" She ws about to show the prince her powers. She has never shown anyone her powers before.

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He waved his hands absent-mindedly. "This place contains everything. From those alive to the dead remains. Humor yourself and feel free to explore." He plucked a ripe peach from the tree next to him and chewed blissfully, sinking into its absolute sweetness.

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Natalia smiled. She as he walked around, she spotted a dead tree. "Your highness, can you please come over here?" Natalia was eager to show the prince what she could do. All she had to do was concentrate.

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Lizzie Stone | 369 comments Mod

Sandra walks out of the palace and takes a peek at the training ground. She sighs and sees the Prince and another Selected girl, she didn't want to bother him though. Sandra goes to the side and practices but doesn't show herself. She practices with controlling water from nearby and making pretty designs in the air.

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)

He shrugged and followed anyways. Peering at the tree curiously, he eyed as a green aura snaked up her arms - the sign of her powers awakening. He had never been able to catch sight of auras before then and the sight electrified him tremendously. He shuddered slightly at the memory of his trip to the peaks. The voice of the old seer reverberating in his mind.

I see great potential in you, not only to succeed, but to save us all. When you can perceive the magic at work, that is a sign of your powers growing...

Trying to shake away the thoughts, he focused and continued staring at her.

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Natalia sat down in front of the tree. She held her palms out on her lap. She closed her eyes and concentrated. The tree started to grow. When Natalia opened her eyes, she smiled. She did it! "Did you see that, Your Highness?"

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The prince nodded, caressing the leaves gently. "They're perfect." He whispered, the sea of green buds brought delight to him. "Exceptional. Not one Earth Elemental I've known could bring back the dead. At least, not one of them could've revived the wilted plants." He smiled and looked at her.

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Natalia smiled. She stood up. "Thank you, your highness. What would you like to do now? Would you like your reward from last night?"

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)

Prince Evermony shrugged. "Sure, I've totally forgotten about it." Grinning, he handed her a peach. "Eat this and let's go see my surprise."

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Natalia smiled and took the peach out of his hand and took a bite. "So, what would you like? I said I'd give you anything of your choice." Natalia was really curious as to what he wanted. Natalia followed the prince.

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)

"I told you I'd like anything. So long it's from you." He said cheerfully. "You are the one giving, I couldn't demand anything from you." Holding up his hands high, he shrugged as a gesture of 'I don't know'.

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"I do not have any item to give. What have you always wanted? What was something you've wanted for what seems like forever?" Natalia smiled. She thought his gesture was sweet. She wanted to give him something of his choice.

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Sandra sighs as she finishes practicing and manipulating the water. She goes to the side of the field, making sure the two don't notice her so they can have fun without her bothering them. She slips back into the palace and heads back to her room. She'd go to the library after she would tell the prince about life outside the palace.

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((omg lizzie i'll bring the prince there later... i promise!!! :) ))

"Okay fine. Food." He said, raising a challenging eyebrow. "The only thing I like the most is food. Loads of them. Chocolate especially." He gave her a subtle hint.

"Is that good enough for you?"

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Lizzie Stone | 369 comments Mod

((okay good XD))

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Natalia raised an eyebrow. "Just food? Chocolate? Are you suggesting something?" Natalia joked. Natalia liked how honest and playful he was around her.

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"Why not?" He asked, genuinely puzzled. "Don't you like chocolate? It's so rich, tantalizing, aromatic..." He trailed off with compliments of chocolate, his eyes shining. "So, easy enough for you to sneak some?"

((ohh and i have another idea so i won't be on for probably 5 mins))

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"Of course I love chocolate! Who wouldn't? I was just thinking you were suggesting a date." Natalia felt so stupid. Why would the prince want to go on a date with her?

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)

"A date? If I ask for one, would you go with me?" He asked quietly. His eyes were still sparkling with amusement but this time, they held another emotion. Something deeper and unknown that made him shiver despite the warm summer air. He couldn't seem to meet her eyes as he chewed his lips somewhat awkwardly and nervously.

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"Yes, I would. It would be a great time to get to know you as someone other the Prince of Agria." Natalia smiled. She was curious to see his response. He was very happy to spend time with him.

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"Awesome. Now go sneak the chocolates without arousing suspicion and I'll meet you shortly." He said, anticipation coursing through his veins. He knew the perfect place they could hang out and was literally bouncing with excitement. "Umm... quick warning, chocolates aren't lavish enough for a first date. I don't know about you but I'm okay with them. Or would you prefer something more... extravagant?" The thought occurred to him and he stopped her for a while.

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Natalia giggled. "More extravagant? What do you consider more extravangant?" Natalia was amused. Natalia smiled and raised an eyebrow.

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((Are you still there, Rose?))

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((yeah sorry, i was doing another piece of writing in another group))

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((it's okay))

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"How would I know?" He scratched his chin thoughtfully. "Probably lace dresses with me wearing a suit embellished by glinting golden medals... dancing beneath crystal chandeliers, drinking rich red wine, eating roasted steaks, along with soft piano melodies enhancing the overall effect..." He hypothesized.
And he made a face.

"Definitely not my taste."

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"Uh huh. Nope, that is chocolate is definitely more extravagant." Natalia smiled. "I didn't think that would be your taste. I can not dance. Maybe you could teach me one day?" Natalia smirked.

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"Well neither can I. We'll most probably be a pair of idiots tripping over their own feet." He matched her smirk and then laughed loudly. "Okay, enough. Focus on the chocolates, please." He gave her a slight nudge and hurried towards the dining hall. "Go on, I'll wait."

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Natalia giggled. "Yes, the chocolates!" Natalia smiled as she headed to the castle. She laughed. "I'm coming chocolates!" Natalia whispered.

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)

((meet at astronomy tower? i'll post first))

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((yes, okay. Would you like Natalia to come with the chocolates?))

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rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection)


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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 85 comments Olberic was up before anyone. Doing what? His training regimen. fifty sit up, fifty one handed push ups, seventy pull up, eighty curls, and one hundred and fifty seven slashes with his sword against the strongest dummy in the yard. As a boy he'd struggle to do this, but as a old man who'd been doing it for years he had all but mastered it. "One hundred fifty seven...." He said as he sighed. He wiped away the sweat from his brow. "If I am to gain my lady's favor, as well as the favor of the rest of the people in this castle, then...." Olberic pressed charity against him, standing a attention and giving a salute with his sword. "I must be ready for even the greatest of dangers, and the kindest of welcomes." he said with a smile. "Now the last thing I need to complete my daily regimen is a duel against on of the soldiers here." he said realizing quickly he was most likely the only one up at the time. "I suppose this isn't Hornberg after all...though my kingdom was great and always early to rise, this is my home now." He said as he sheathed his sword. Charity. A sword gifted to him by the king, Alexander Hornberg, as the king told him upon receiving it "It is a blade made by many kingdoms. Not as a symbol of war, but a symbol of peace. Agria provided the metal, Dustrial created the guard, Valinta created the design, and many others provided for this sword as well but here in Hornberg is where it was forged. Light, yet sharper then dragons teeth. flexible, yet as hard as dragon scales. A sword worthy of ceremony, yet able to go to war if need be. This is the blade of Charity." Those words forever echoed in Olbric's mind. Those words were what he based his very moral code off of, and he would not falter in those beliefs. "How long ago was it now?....when the king not only knighted me with this sword but gave me it....I shall not let this kingdom fall....not like Hornberg...not like my king....." Olberic said as he clenched his fist tighter to the point his hand was shaking from rage, and a will to protect his kingdom. His new home.

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 Reed | 77 comments ((I’m here))

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Fable 『He will Slay You with His Tongue』 (kawaiifoxhestia) Hestia walk into the room. “What is this place?” She wonders. She looks around for other people to ask

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 Reed | 77 comments Bryce walked into the training grounds his hand going to his rapier. He could feel its cold platinum and ivory hilt.

Fable 『He will Slay You with His Tongue』 (kawaiifoxhestia) (Well she really just stepped outside 😆)

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 85 comments Reed wrote: "Bryce walked into the training grounds his hand going to his rapier. He could feel its cold platinum and ivory hilt."

Olberic could tell someone was there. He nodded. "Tell me. Do you know of the unbending blade?" He said hoping it would ether scare the stranger, or at least make him think before he draws.

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 Reed | 77 comments “It’s the training hall.” Said Bryce “It’s huge.” His Blue, white, black, and gold suit fluttered in the win a bit. Bryce let out a sigh. He let out a air ripple to see if anyone else was in the training area.

Fable 『He will Slay You with His Tongue』 (kawaiifoxhestia) (Wait are they talking to me??)

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Jeremy Huston (thespottedrabbit) | 85 comments (No I don't think I've met you yet as Olberic Hestia)

Olberic leapt into the air with a spiral, dodging the air ripple all together. He landed like he'd been to war hundreds of times. "A excellent show of power." He said as he stared his foe down. Olberic hadn't drawn his sword, instead he was eyeing his foes. "A Rapier? A very formal blade. Unlike most swords it takes time to master. Very intriguing." He said showing his age with his words.

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