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Good day, Agrians! This is a thread specially for everyone to get to know the Selected! Our 12 beautiful ladies! Post extra descriptions, pictures (note: pictures, not links), graphics, small infos about them here for us! There would be weekly polls for you to pull for your favorite Selected and discussions held here about the entire Selection. Rumors, news, anything at all so babble away!

* Remember, everyone can post here and comment anything you want about the Selection. If you want a graphic or something created about your character which you couldn't seem to do, please pm the mods. We'll do our best to show your beautiful characters to everyone! :3

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Her father has yet to find out where she has run off too. He hasn't checked the news and is super worried about where his daughter is. He hasn't filed a missing person report or posted that his daughter is missing because he is sure his daughter is able to take care of herself. She is 18 after all and is a responsible young woman. Her father has to let her go and has given her his trust. Maybe he'll figure it out. Who knows? These are from sources of people that know her father and Sandra from back home.

Sandra has seen to be an adventurous person as someone spotted her getting onto a dragon. She has also been seen to be bubbly because she seems to want to make friends with everyone she comes across in the palace. Who is she on the inside. What are her thoughts? How is she liking the palace? These questions have yet to be answered by our sources.

Some other questions... Is Sandra actually responsible like our sources gathered? What is her personality? Does Sandra actually follow the rules? Does Sandra actually have feelings for the Prince? If you have answers please tell our sources. We love our juicy details!

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Exciting News Indeed!!!!

We have caught glimpses of our young girls interacting with the prince and oh my goodness, they are all so sweet!

Of the Selected, we have seen lots of variety: the refined, mysterious Pearl, bubbly, friendly Sandra, the polite, lady-like Dwynwen, carefree, sweet Natalia... Things are really spicing up and let us have a look at our interview with the prince.

"The girls are all very lovely and pleasantly different. Each of them have their own beauty and their unique qualities."

When asked about his favorite among them, the Prince thought for a while before winking mysteriously to the cameras. Who is that lucky girl? Who indeed? He seemed to have had taken a liking to one of them especially and who, who is that girl??

A poll has been set up and let us know what you think? I'm rubbing my hands in anticipation already...

What do you think?

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                              Here's the logo for the 1st Selection :)


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((The link to Jessica's collage))

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((@ jenna: this is a remake of your initial collage and i couldn't find some of the images you used so sorry if it differs slightly))

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Ember was different from the start, she had always been a quiet and polite girl, even though she was raised in the dirt. Ember had a fairly well childhood, rather than the fact her parents died when she had turned 12, and then she went into the Earth Elemental Foster System, and after bouncing around in a few different Earth Elemental homes, she found the Nightingales. Now not only does she have a mother and father, but she also has two siblings, Kalen and Elora.

By the time Ember had turned 16, she had grown into a beautiful young lady. She is extraordinary with her Earth’s ability making everything grow in beautiful reds and golden yellows. But she has a secret, will anyone find out?

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