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message 1: by Josh (new)

Josh Caporale (caponomics) | 15 comments Mod
In this thread, I thought it would be a good idea to have anyone introduce themselves, what they enjoy reading, and your channel and other online bookish outlets.

My name is Josh, I live in New Jersey, and I am the producer and a panelist on Literary Gladiators, a multi-person channel that made its debut in 2014. I enjoy reading a wide array of written works, but my favorites include horror, science fiction, speculative fiction as a whole, literary fiction, classics, nonfiction (especially anything pertaining to the American Presidents), short stories, poems, plays, and what ever else suits my fancy. I am particularly getting into literary magazines or magazines that produce speculative fiction of any kind as we speak and would like to incorporate them into future discussions.

Let's have a discussion and get to know one another and our reading tastes! I look forward to everything we have in store!

message 2: by Dominica (new)

Dominica (ashfallenstudios) | 1 comments Is this where I comment mine? Haha, well, here goes. My name is Dominica and I also live in New Jersey. I'm the assistant producer of Literary Gladiators, the owner of my own small photography company, Ashfallen Studios. I am a published author of a screenplay and soon-to-be published author of a novel. I spend my free time writing, making podcasts, short films and short series, editing my photography, and playing video games with my mother. Lol!

My favorite genres to read are mostly anything fantasy or LGBT related, whether it's action/adventure, romance, slice of life, manga/comics, I can like almost anything if it tickles my fancy! My absolute favorite part of being in this group is receiving the opportunity to explore books and other genres and mediums I wouldn't normally pick up off the shelves, and I find myself enjoying them regardless! The panelists we have on this show are one of a kind and it's an honor to be part of such a group!

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