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Another Dark Room...

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felix (neurosislix) "This is way to dark." Joy said, stretching as she half walked, half waltz into the room.
"Say that again," Noelle followed; carrying both of their boxes. "It also smells kind of dank."
"We can fix that right up; both of us have wayyy to many Christmas scented candles." Joy replied; spinning around the middle of the dark space.
"We could use my Christmas lights to brighten it up." Noelle said, opening her box and pulling out a long strand of lights.

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((Perfect way to brighten the room up. Nice!))

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felix (neurosislix) (( Thanks ))
((After this me and my sister are going to go watch a movie, so I'll be on tomorrow))
After hanging the lights up the room was illuminated with soft yellow light.
"Taking these blackout curtains might help with making the room look nicer." Noelle said; tearing the heavy black curtains down; replacing them with white snowflake curtains.
"I'm not sure I like moth eaten blankets, I'm glad I came with every essential item." Joy flung the old sheets onto the floor, replacing them with new neon colored ones.
"Ya know, I bet were going to have the most unique room." Noelle laughed, when Joy was hanging her K-pop posters onto the wall.
"You can't just say that now; someone could be just as odd as us. That's why my favorite book is Alice In Wonderland." Joy replied, jumping of her bed; and going back to emptying her box.

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felix (neurosislix) Noelle ran into the room; jumping onto her bed. Joy followed looking at her as if she was the weird one.
"I'm done." Noelle said.
"Why? What are you done with." Joy asked; flopping down onto her bed.
"Not doing anything." Noelle sighed, putting her arm over her eyes.
"Then go and do something." Joy replied, putting her headphones on and closing her eyes.
"Your rude." Noelle said; jumping of her bed and out of the room again. Joy waved goodbye.

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