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I know I read this in late 2017. I thought the title was Dead School, but that isn't turning up any results as it isn't the one by Laura West (that came out in 2018). It's about a school in essentially purgatory for teens to 'live' out the rest of their high school years until they're ready to pass on.

Spoilers below:

I don't remember any names. The book starts out with our female protag on a school bus. She doesn't know why she's there and isn't aware that she's died. Eventual love interest is the bad boy type, with a friend who died alongside him (I think they were together at least) in a motor accident. My memory is foggy, so that's all I really remember. Protag's name may have been Anna or something similar, but I'm not confident in that guess.

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Alex | 247 comments Maybe Slow Dance in Purgatory (Purgatory, #1) by Amy Harmon Slow Dance in Purgatory Amy Harmon It is the first in a trilogy, but I don’t believe the girl is dead, if I remember correctly.

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OP (original poster) account is deleted. Moving to the "Now we'll never know" folder.

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