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message 1: by Herve (new)

Herve L'D. | 1 comments My novella (about 40 000 words) was written in an experimental, but coherent mode. I was trying to blend low-brow and high-brow literature and it has many literary or historical references with philosophical bend. No one has read this work so I am completely in the dark of how a reader would see it and react to it. I am looking for average readers, but also for readers with some philosophical or math background since the novella contains, in parts, incursion into philosophical examination of God’s existence and has some logical puzzles.
Selected readers will receive a copy of the novella after completing the reading and evaluating part. Thank you in advance.
George Szabo

message 2: by LORI (new)

LORI THOMPSON | 2 comments George, would you be willing to do a swap? I have a chapter I need read. It is set in the future. Only a few pages long.

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