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message 1: by Jane (PS), Moderator (last edited Aug 30, 2020 02:31PM) (new)

Jane (PS) | 20598 comments Team members

Jedi Knight

[[ Frankie ]]

message 2: by Jane (PS), Moderator (last edited Aug 29, 2020 01:09AM) (new)

Jane (PS) | 20598 comments 1. Introduce yourself to your team. Let your team members know where you are from. This is a great to know when themes are announced and when team-mates can expect other members to post their book choices.

2. Jedi - reserve a couple of posts in this thread tracking your team's book selection and completion. (Alternatively they could convert a chat comment to the tracking post/s.)

3. Name your team. Using this round's theme of Disney+, come up with a team name. We are an open/public group with no age limit, so please make sure any chosen name is smart, not smutty ;)

Please PM your name to Jane(PS) by early Wednesday 4 September.

4. If you have a private profile, please 'friend' your team-mates. This is really important, because without this, your team-mates can't see your shelves to select a books under option 2.

5. Please post your book selections/completions in the format provided below. (This format is also posted in both the Q&A and Sign-Up threads.) We need to know the week that each book corresponds to, the page numbers, and how the book qualifies including names to lists/shelves (where applicable), etc. I can't stress this enough. When in doubt - link it*!

* don't link to your review in your completion post - reviews in your completion posts should be included in full within that post.

You don't want to start reading a book and then find it doesn't meet the requirements because some information (eg page count or theme link) was missing from your original post.

I will be monitoring this and your book will not be considered complete until I am satisfied that your selection and completion posts comply with the format rules of the challenge.

Remember - you can ONLY change your book selection in the week that the theme is called.

6. You MUST check in with your team each week, ideally once the theme is announced. Please let your team know if you expect to have spotty communication or are on holidays or having an operation.

7. When you post the completion of your book, you must post a review; enough for us to know you have actually read the book. Please don't link to a review. You must post the review in this thread.

8. Re-reads are allowed but you can't read the same book twice within this challenge.

9. There is no prize for the winning team - bragging rights only :)

10. Each week, the theme will be announced in the Q&A Annoucement thread. The full list of themes announced during this round will be maintained in msg 1 of that thread.

The Rule on the Pass Option
* Each team can only have ONE member using their pass each week.
* Each member can only use that pass once each 5 weeks.
* This means that one or two team members (dependent upon the size of your team) will miss using a pass in each 5 week block.
* No-one can use the pass option in the last week of the challenge.
* In the final week if Option 2 is used, members must select their book from another team. This will be advised in the week 11 announcement.

message 3: by Jane (PS), Moderator (new)

Jane (PS) | 20598 comments Key selection and completion post information. You must have ALL elements in your book posts.

The format for selection posts Option 1:
Week #
Page numbers
How the book qualifies - please link or name the qualifying bookshelf/list where applicable (link if possible).
If the theme is based off the bookcover, post the cover. If there is a letter count in the title, publication date etc, please note these details.

The format for selection posts Option 2:
Week #
Page numbers
Name of the team-member, their star rating, the date they read the book.

Format for completion posts:
Week #
Rating (1-5)

Please DO NOT CHAT in these selection/completion posts. It needs to be super clear.

If you 'waffle' about your decided book - please REPOST your selection once you decide. DO NOT go back and edit your waffling post.

message 4: by Jane (PS), Moderator (new)

Jane (PS) | 20598 comments I'll track each team's progress separately, using the Captain's summary in each team's thread to check for accuracy.

message 5: by Ris (last edited Nov 06, 2020 08:05AM) (new)

Ris | 485 comments Week 1
(view spoiler)

Week 2
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Week 3
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Week 4
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Week 5
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Week 6
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Week 7
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Week 8
Chris - Selection (188)
Milica - Selection (191)
Chan - Selection (186), Completion (193)
Bailey - Selection (192), Completion (197)

Week 9
Chris - Selection (203)
Chan - Selection (196), Completion (201)
Milica - Selection (200)
Bailey - Selection (198)

message 6: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments Reserved

message 7: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments Reserved

message 8: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments Hello, Wookies~

I'm a librarian in Northeast Ohio and so go by Eastern Standard Time. In addition to reading, this Fall I'll be thoroughly enjoying the Autumn season (my favorite season!): I'll be crafting Halloween decoration, enjoying everything pumpkin-flavored, and watching scary movies with friends! I love romance and fantasy, but my reading mood definitely skews more towards fantasy in the Fall 🍂

The book I've enjoyed the most so far (because it's too hard to pick a favorite) has been House of Earth and Blood!

House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City, #1) by Sarah J. Maas

message 9: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments In addition to getting to know everyone, one of the other things we'll need to do is come up with a Disney+ themed team name! Any ideas? I'll be thinking of some as well!

message 10: by Chan (new)

Chan | 3987 comments Hi Everybody! I live in GA. I'm also on EST. I'm very much looking forward to the cooler season. Our humidity was sufficating today.

I'm excited about playing with people I've never played with before. I look forward to getting to know you and your reading preferences and adding new books to my tbr.

In honor of Chadwick Boseman, my suggested team names will be in reference to him:

Bookanda Forever
Babes in Boseland
Coffee, Panthers & More
T'Challa Sisters

message 11: by Jane (PS), Moderator (new)

Jane (PS) | 20598 comments Hells bells - its quiet in here!

I'm going to add Frankie to this team to start with ;) Hopefully Bailey, Milica and Jodi will pop in soon!

message 12: by Chan (new)

Chan | 3987 comments LOL Yeah it's pretty quiet :o)

Hi Frankie. Welcome to Team 13

message 13: by Jane (PS), Moderator (new)

Jane (PS) | 20598 comments Chan wrote: "LOL Yeah it's pretty quiet :o)

Hi Frankie. Welcome to Team 13"

Frankie is moving house or something - so is probably packing/unpacking!! (What a great time to shift!!) But I sent her a PM, so hopefully you'll see her soon.

message 14: by Chan (last edited Aug 30, 2020 08:30PM) (new)

Chan | 3987 comments Whoa. Moving is already hard, but during a pandemic...i can't imagine.

Hopefully the move went well and we'll hear from her soon

message 15: by Milica (new)

Milica Djurovic | 485 comments Hi Everyone,

I'm a student, just finishing last year at uni. I live in Europe. I used to travel a lot, last year visited Italy and Greece, this year, stuck at home. However, developing new skills, like baking and cooking International food with new spices and different takes on my favourite dishes.

My favourite genres are romance, fantasy and mystery.

Truly looking forward to the new challenge and hope to know you better!

message 16: by Chan (new)

Chan | 3987 comments Hi Milica! Congrats on the last year at uni. That's a huge accomplishment.

I recently breached the fantasy world, so i'm looking forward to seeing what type of fantasy books you read.

message 17: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments Hello, Chan~ I adore your team names ♡ I think my favorite is Bookanda Forever, haha

message 18: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments Hello, Milica~ Goodness, congrats on finishing your last year in uni amongst a pandemic! Curious: what did you study?

message 19: by Chan (new)

Chan | 3987 comments Needed groceries, so I had to go to war today. Anytime I have to leave the house, I call it going to war because I have to make sure i have a mask, gloves, sanitizer, jacket or something with long sleeves, wipes, etc.

And the grocery store was busy....on a Monday. Ugh!

LOL got sidetracked. Ah yes, team names is the reason I was typing. I'm not picky about team names, I usually go with the majority. I like Bookanda Forever too :o)

message 20: by Jodi (new)

Jodi | 305 comments Hey!! Checking in... this is my second time playing PtP and I had lots of fun the first time around. I’m in my early 40’s and I live in Idaho with 2 daughters and 2 elderly dachshunds... ohhhh and a husband too lol. My oldest daughter is 24 and on the autism spectrum, she lives at home with us and also enjoys reading. My younger daughter is just starting her senior year of HS. She is a cheerleader and I love going to support her at games and competitions... although Covid has really put a damper on those things! I read ALL genres in all formats (audio, kindle, paperback, hardcover) you name it! I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home so when I’m not reading, I’m usually doing one of my many other hobbies... there are seriously way to many to list.. but a few are knitting, needlepoint, jigsaws, gardening and working out. I love these challenges because they keep me reading and introduce me to books I may have not otherwise considered. Plus it’s fun to make new friends and see what they’re reading.. the TBR can never be to big!!!

message 21: by Jodi (new)

Jodi | 305 comments I like all of those names :). Here are a few more.. T’Challa Panthera’s, Hearts for T’Challa, Chadwicks Panthera’s, Boseman’s Beauties, T’Challa Forever

message 22: by Chan (new)

Chan | 3987 comments Hi Jodi! Nice to e-meet you. I, too, say that I am fortunate to be able to work remotely. There are many that I know who were not as fortunate and are struggling.

Your names are cute too, but I wanted to throw out there that the team name does not have to be Chadwick Boseman themed. I just did that in remembrance of him. The team name can be anything Disney related.

message 23: by Bailey (new)

Bailey (bailsreads) | 113 comments Hey guys! Sorry I'm a bit late to the party. I'm so excited to do this challenge with you all (it's my first try at PtP).

I'm 23 years old living in Texas, so I'm on Central Time. I'm currently in my first semester of graduate school- working toward a Master's in Library and Information Science- and I love love love romance books. I'll read just about any sub-genre of romance, but I've been really getting into fantasy and sci-fi lately.

I'll cast my vote for Bookanda Forever! 💟

So nice to meet all of ya'll! Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

message 24: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments Hello, Jodi~

My youngest brother is also staring his senior year in HS (remotely) and what a year to be a senior, huh? What does your eldest daughter enjoy reading - does she take after you in enjoying all genres or just a few?

message 25: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments Yes, @Chan & @Jodi, you both are so lucky to be able to work remotely at this time! We opened my library back up to the public in July. Everyday is war for me, lol

message 26: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments Hello, Bailey~

Congrats on starting your first semester of your MLIS! Just curious: do you have an idea of what field you're most interested in pursuing after you graduate?

message 27: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments Oh, this is my fourth or fifth time with PtP? This challenge is one of my favorites because it forces me to write a review, haha

And it looks like we just need @Frankie to check-in and we'll have everyone! I'm seeing almost everyone was in agreement for Bookanda Forever, so I'll submit that as our team name, unless there are any last minute objections?

message 28: by Jodi (new)

Jodi | 305 comments My eldest daughter with autism is at about a middle grade reading level.. she LOVES Goosebumps, Deadtime Stories and the Adventure Time Graphic novels. Mostly fantasy though. I’m trying to talk her into reading Harry Potter but it might be a little much for her. I’m thinking about reading some of her Goosebumps books so we can ‘talk books” together :)

message 29: by Milica (new)

Milica Djurovic | 485 comments Hi Chris, Chan, Jodi and Bailey

First, sorry for the late reply, still preparing for the last exams.
Second, thanks so much, it was hard wrapping up uni at time of COVID. I can agree that something that used to be easy and fun, like food shopping, now resembles a full-on military operation. Here is the same, masks, gloves, sanitary, clothes too long and thick for the hot summer days, hence, just staying at home and reading feels like heaven. I used to read a lot, but this year, I managed to beat my personal records.
Happy that I'm part of this team, to get to know you and exchange book titles!!!
Love Bookanda Forever!!!

PS I was truly sorry when I heard the news, Chadwick Boseman is a fantastic actor and its horrible that we will never see Black Panther 2. Disney was supposed to release it in 2022, so now we know that is not happening.

message 30: by [[ Frankie ]] (new)

[[ Frankie ]] (freedbyfiction) | 524 comments Hi, everyone! A little late here as a last minute addition, but I’m looking forward to playing with you all! This is one of my favorite challenges!

message 31: by [[ Frankie ]] (new)

[[ Frankie ]] (freedbyfiction) | 524 comments I don’t believe I’ve ever been on a team with any of you, so I’m happy to see some new faces & make some new friends. ;]

message 32: by [[ Frankie ]] (new)

[[ Frankie ]] (freedbyfiction) | 524 comments I’ve sent all of you friend requests! I’m on EDT, too. Also, I’m going through a move right now, so I may not be as talkative as usual, but I promise I will always be here for selection posts & on time completions!

message 33: by [[ Frankie ]] (new)

[[ Frankie ]] (freedbyfiction) | 524 comments Anyone have any cool Disney name ideas?

message 34: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments @Jodi, aw that would be so sweet - I love talking books with friends and family ♡ Has she read the Goosebump book The Curse of Camp Cold Lake? That one actually gave me goosebumps it was so good, haha!

The Curse of Camp Cold Lake (Goosebumps, #56) by R.L. Stine

message 35: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments Hello, Frankie~

Oh, best of luck on your move! I hate moving (well packing, really), but moving during a pandemic has to be extra suck-ish.

And we had decided on a Black Panther themed name in honor of Chadwick Boseman: Bookanda Forever! Does that work for you, as well?

message 36: by [[ Frankie ]] (new)

[[ Frankie ]] (freedbyfiction) | 524 comments Sorry, I was in a rush earlier & hadn’t had a chance to read through all the posts. (Oops.)

But yes, that sounds great!

message 37: by Chan (new)

Chan | 3987 comments @ Chris - LOL @ everyday is war for me. I'm glad that you are able to work and I hope the county was able to make adjustments to keep everybody safe and healthy.

@Milica - YES! Having to dress like it's winter with 88% humidity is suffocating.

@ Frankie - Hi. I'm in the same boat. I haven't played with one person on this team before. Pretty cool since I've been playing PtP for a few years now. Looking forward to getting to know everybody and getting some good recs

message 38: by [[ Frankie ]] (new)

[[ Frankie ]] (freedbyfiction) | 524 comments Agreed, Chan!

message 39: by Chan (new)

Chan | 3987 comments Jane's Message:

Week 1

Option 1:
8. The Star Wars movies are a major attraction to the streaming service.

* Read a book with Science Fiction as a main page genre (MPG) OR read a book with a title of no more than eight letters. Eg Bond, Kaleb, Desire, I Was Here
Series titles do not count for this task.
You must specify which option you are using in your post when showing 'how it fits'.

Option 2:
Key date - 4 March 2020
A book on your team mates 'read' list AND rated at least 3 stars and read on or after the key date.

Option 3:
This can only be used once each 5 weeks. Only one team mate can use this option each week.

message 40: by Jodi (new)

Jodi | 305 comments Quick question.. do all these have to be romance also? So Option 1 For example would need to be sci-fi and romance or the 8 letter title would need to be romance or does any genre work?

message 41: by Chan (new)

Chan | 3987 comments Hey Jodi. The answer to your question can be found here:

Q: Does the book have to be a romance?
A: No, but it does have to be a novel. Textbooks will not count. Biographies and autobiographies are OK.

message 42: by [[ Frankie ]] (new)

[[ Frankie ]] (freedbyfiction) | 524 comments An easier one for the first week! Yay!

message 43: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments Thanks for posting, @Chan!

message 44: by Ris (new)

Ris | 485 comments Week 1
Foundryside (The Founders Trilogy #1) by Robert Jackson Bennett
Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett
Page #: 505 pgs
Qualifications: MPG Science Fiction (GR)

message 45: by [[ Frankie ]] (new)

[[ Frankie ]] (freedbyfiction) | 524 comments I’ll have a selection post up soon. :]

message 46: by Chan (new)

Chan | 3987 comments I should have a post up soon too. I'm going to do the 8 letter title, but I'm deciding between two books right now.

message 47: by Jodi (new)

Jodi | 305 comments Selection Post

Week: 1

Option 1: Task: 8... * Read a book with Science Fiction as a main page genre (MPG) OR read a book with a title of no more than eight letters.

Book: Well Met by Jen DeLuca (Well Met #1)

Link: Well Met

Pages: 336 GR/Kindle Edition

How it fits: Title has no more than eight letters

message 48: by Bailey (last edited Sep 03, 2020 08:12PM) (new)

Bailey (bailsreads) | 113 comments Selection Post

Cottonwood by R. Lee Smith
Week: 1
Book: Cottonwood by R. Lee Smith
Page #: 441 (Kindle Edition)
Qualification: Science Fiction MPG on GR

message 49: by Bailey (new)

Bailey (bailsreads) | 113 comments Chris wrote: "Hello, Bailey~"
Hi- thanks! I'm looking into academic librarianship, specifically at a Junior College. I'm really interested in adult literacy and education, so anything that can mix that with research would be right up my alley. :)

message 50: by Milica (new)

Milica Djurovic | 485 comments Selection Post
Week #1, Option #1

Red by S.J. Sanders
Red by S.J. Sanders
Pages: 427
Qualifications: MPG Science Fiction

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