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message 1: by Starrisa (new)

Starrisa | 13 comments Mod
Hello! I've seen this on a lot of other groups so I thought it's a classic and fun game to try. Basically it works like this:

Person A: The person below me likes listening to music.
Person B: Yes. The person below me hates cleaning.
Person C: Nope. The person below me cannot do a split.
And so forth. Try to be creative!

I'll start: TPBM cannot do a split.

message 2: by haniya (new)

haniya (hollahaniya) | 4 comments yes, i cannot do a split. the person below me has a nose piercing.

message 3: by Starrisa (new)

Starrisa | 13 comments Mod
Nope. I've always wondered if it's painful though. (And nope I can't do a split either)

TPBM has punched a wall before.

message 4: by haniya (new)

haniya (hollahaniya) | 4 comments ...anybody? *crickets chirping* arrrright, time to take matters into my own hands.

yes, i have punched a wall (just did it again:)) the person below me dyed their hair pink once

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