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message 1: by DaphneFama (new)

DaphneFama | 2 comments Hello all,

Here is the synopsis, details for my request below.


Earth’s last city burns, Aviva its downfall. She’s spent her life in hiding as an illegal citizen of Manila, a theocratic utopia ruled by the Blessed Mother. But after a miscalculated assault marks her for execution she flees. Now, she and those she loves are being hunted by inhuman soldiers set on their destruction.

With no one else to turn to, Aviva seeks out an enclave of androids in possession of critical information that might save her life and those she’s endangered. But the cost is astronomically high. She sacrifices her integrity for the mission, triggering a violent uprising that devastates her city and leaves her with nothing but guilt.

Entrenched in war with no hope or desire to retreat, Aviva learns she’s always been a pawn in the Blessed Mother’s machinations. These schemes have cost Aviva everything, those she loves. To resurrect them she’ll have to kill God and take her mantle for herself.


I have an adult SFF that I have recently received a revision and resubmit from. The only critique was that it came off as too young adult but its other elements were on point. I agree, and I wish I had realized it sooner.

My hope is to find a beta reader who is well versed in both young adult and adult science fiction fantasy, who enjoys female led novels, and is down with a lesbian protagonist. I want to ensure that my novel is firmly in the adult category and that it's done well, of course.

The issue with speed. I'm submitting my work for PitMad on September 3rd. I'm currently 40% done with revisions and expect to complete it the day before the third, or on the third. I need a beta reader who can read as I finish my revisions, and return the pages in 1-2 days, each time.

Then, on Sept 2 or 3, I'd like one last big read of the entire novel, to get your perspective on how it all works together.

The total length of the novel is 125k.

If we work well together, and you're open to horror, I'd also be happy to continue working together on the horror novel I hope to have completed for DivPit on October 27th. That novel is on its second draft but needs another 10k words, as it sits at 65k currently.

message 2: by Wentzel (new)

Wentzel Lombard | 42 comments Hi, Daphne. Here is the link to my site, keeping your needs in mind.

message 3: by Gabby (new)

Gabby (gabbycd) | 88 comments Hi Daphne,

I’ve beta read many adult fantasy sci-fi, as well as YA. Your novel sounds great and I’d love to beta read for you!
For beta reading I charge $0.002AUD/word so for 125k words the final price will be $250AUD (about $180USD). I also have a cheaper option available, depending on how much feedback you’re looking for. I can have feedback returned to you ASAP.
For more details of what I offer for beta reading, you can find on my website:

If you’re interested please email me at

I look forward to hearing from you


message 4: by Meghalee (new)

Meghalee Mitra | 37 comments Hi, Daphne

I have read and critiqued books for years, and have a postgrad degree in Literature, as well as a writing background. I'd love to take a look at this for you. I provide deep, detailed in-line critique, and extensive tips for problem areas, coupled with real-time reaction feedback.

It'll be $120 with free proofreading. :)

If interested, then drop me a mail at

To check the authenticity of my services, check my reviews


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