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Ariana Grande

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(do we write a singers name with e?)

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(No, b, like the alphabet order, a,b,c,d,e)

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Christina Perry

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Dua Lipa

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Ed sheeran

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Faith Hill

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Gym Class Heroes

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Isabela merced

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J. Cole

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Kenny Rogers

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Luke Holmes

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Maria carrey

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(wrong spelling I think)

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((yeah it's Mariah Carey, but it's fine))
Niall Horan

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Olly murs!

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Pharrell Williams

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R. City

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Shayne Ward

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Aizlyn [REST] | 160 comments Zayn

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Alicia keys

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Aizlyn [REST] | 160 comments Becky G

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Elena Coates

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Aizlyn [REST] | 160 comments GOT7

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Aizlyn [REST] | 160 comments Idina Menzel

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Josh Turner

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Aizlyn [REST] | 160 comments Katy Perry

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Aizlyn [REST] | 160 comments Miley Cyrus

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One direction

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