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Fanna (fannaforbooks) | 86 comments
💻 Visit my services page for 20+ trusted testimonials and sample feedback of each type! 📝

I’m an avid reader who has been reading for quite some time now. Considering myself an eclectic reader, I have come across varied genres and the numerous tropes/cliches accompanying them. This gives me an insight into what has been done a ton of times and what you can do a ton of times. Plus, character development, overall plot, pacing, and genre relativity among others are areas I strongly critique on.

What you can expect from my beta reading:

✏ When you hand over your manuscript to me, you can be assured it won’t be disclosed (not even the title or author name) unless you permit me to do so.

✏ I do sound conversational and a bit humorous in my writing but I can assure you, I work as professionally as a person being paid is supposed to. I’m also easy to communicate so you can expect exactly what you want for your project. Work flexibility is my trait so things can always be worked out.

✏ I will read your MS from a reader’s viewpoint and give detailed, in-depth feedback on what was excellent, what was lagging, and what is strongly suggested to be done.

✏ Pacing, plot holes, character development, world-building, and the overall plot will be analyzed.

✏ Specific solutions and creative input will be provided without changing the author’s vision or voice.

✏ The feedback can either be as a chapter-by-chapter or a general, comprehensive take on the manuscript. I’m also open to answering specific questions. But you need to specifically choose which type of feedback you would like. Read on to find out!

✏ While I won’t be diligently proofreading your work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation (that’s a job for the editor) I would certainly point out consistent errors or errors that might’ve missed the eye of an editor. For example, using an Oxford comma for the first half of the story and not the other half.

✏ I will not provide a line-by-line critique. That’s something I offer in my critique services if that’s what you’re looking for.

✏ I will not ghostwrite bits and pieces of your story. I do provide creative suggestions but they are not something you’re forced to accept. Though, I do offer to ghostwrite at a base price of 20 cents/word. Contact me for more info.

✏ All my feedback will be delivered constructively and would, in no way, be intended to belittle you or your writing.

What I am willing to read

As I said, I’m an eclectic reader and would read almost anything. Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Realistic Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Graphic Novels, Comics, and others. Specifically, I won’t read Hard Erotica, Religion/Spiritual, Poetry and Children’s Fiction.

What is the cost of this service:

That depends on the type of feedback you’re opting for.

Overall, General Feedback

This focuses on plot, characters, pacing, setting, and writing along with other technicalities like reader relatability, current market trends, and relevance of tropes. This is perfect for those who would like a broad feedback on their work; it’ll allow you to make decisions on whether this manuscript should be continued or not, what you can focus on in the next stages of drafting, and other early conclusions.

The cost would be $1 for every 1000 words with a minimum of $5 to start with. For example, if your MS is of 2000 words, it actually costs $2 but it would be costing $5 since the word count is lesser than the minimum.

Answers To Specific Questions

Honest, constructive answers to what the writer wishes the beta-reader to focus on and provide feedback on. There’s no maximum limit to the questions but 10-15 are considered usual. This is perfect for those who are worrying about certain aspects of their work; it allows you to guide the beta-reader’s eyes yourself.

The cost would be $1.2 for every 1000 words with a minimum of $8 to start with. For example, if your MS is of 5000 words, it actually costs $6 but it would be costing $8 since the word count is lesser than the minimum.

Chapter-by-Chapter Feedback

A chapter-by-chapter reader analysis that focuses on individual parts of your book to help you specifically understand where there’s a possibility of improvement and what works tremendously well. This is perfect for those who are in further stages of developing the story or are positive about their early drafts and want a more cohesive feedback for the next draft; it’ll allow you to get more specific solutions and a feedback that spots the difficult-to-point-out mistakes.

The cost would be $1.5 for every 1000 words with a minimum of $10 to start with. For example, if your MS is of 5000 words, it actually costs $7.5 but it would be costing $10 since the word count is lesser than the minimum.

I also offer discounts for repeat buyers and those who order an additional revision. I will offer a deadline to you according to my free slots (maximum turnaround time is 15 days) but if you’re on a rush deadline, you can book a date with a minimal extra cost of $30. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford the above cost, feel free to still send me a mail and we can work things out. As I said, I’m flexible in terms of working as a creative enthusiast and would love to help out an author!

All payments are non-refundable and will be made through Paypal. Invoices can be made available if requested. Payment will be done before commencing the beta read because this virtual world can be pretty bad when it comes to freelancing.

If you would like me to beta read your work:

Just fill out this form and wait for my reply with the quotes and confirmation. If you wish to discuss the rates or any other specifics, you can add a comment to this thread or message me on Goodreads or send me an email:

Looking forward to working with you!

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Tom Adamson | 10 comments Fanna is an amazing Beta Reader. Gave me excellent, in-depth chapter by chapter feedback and picked out many crucial points that I missed as a writer.

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