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message 1: by Hesher (new)

Hesher | 1 comments Good day, fine people! You're all probably used to this by now so I'll shorten this:
I'd love to swap works with any of you, so that we both get something out of this, but if you're just a beta reader and not a writer, I'd be willing to offer a place in the acknowledgements of the book (a small reward, but hey, if this thing does well...!)

Please comment below or email me at if you're interested.


It’s been a hundred years since the discovery of Clover Hills Crater, but it’s been a thousand since someone started their vengeful plan.
Cecil Lyle has just moved to the sleepy suburbs of Clover Hills and is starting to think the neighborhood has nothing interesting to offer him and his stories. But when he gets an oddly prophetic dream, things start leading him towards a strange new world, and he starts to wonder if he was fine right back where he was.
The question is: where does he fit into the grand plan of the broken island’s prophecy?

message 2: by Shreya (new)

Shreya Vijay (shreyavijay) | 37 comments Hey Hesher,

This blurb sounds really promising! I would love to Beta read for you. :)

message 3: by Shreya (new)

Shreya Vijay (shreyavijay) | 37 comments Kindly let me know what sort of feedback are you looking for and I would love to provide it. :)

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