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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Dystopian Erotica-Romance Book: Heroine is hunted by Hero in a Maze-Game area. [s]

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A Joseph (arathebooknerd) | 6 comments I read this book probably around 2018.
It wasn't super new.
It is a female author.
I believe US origins.
I also believe it's more erotica than anything, possibly.

The premise of this book is basically the heroine (and other women, i believe) are forced into this game/ arena where these "elite" men take part in hunting them. The women are forced to do this because they are in need of money and this is the best way to acquire it. I don't remember why the heroine enters though.
The hero doesn't usually take part in the game but after seeing the heroine he decides to do so. The hero owns the arena/ the game so he kind of manipulates that to his advantage.
Hero does end up finding her and keeping her and does so against another member/villain's wishes.
That's basically the start of the book and all i can remember.

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Tina | 129 comments Sounds a lot like.... Run (Run, #1) by Eve Vaughn Run by Eve Vaughn?

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A Joseph (arathebooknerd) | 6 comments Tina wrote: "Sounds a lot like....Run (Run, #1) by Eve Vaughn Run by Eve Vaughn?"


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