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I just wanted to say, this is starting in the Golden Trio's 3rd year

Fable 『He will Slay You with His Tongue』 (kawaiifoxhestia) | 1517 comments (What time of the year is it? Like Christmas or Halloween or the end of the year?))

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Yvi How many of you guys have seen the Hogwarts Legacy trailer?

REDQUEEN {SEEKER OF LOVE} (redqueen0012) | 1471 comments I haven’t

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Yvi Dude, you need to watch it.

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Yvi GUYS, GUESS WHAT!! Acromantulas are real!

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OMG! I just read the headliner, but wow!

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Yvi Have any of you watched the 1980 Disney Gummy Bear show? I doubt many, if any of you have.

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Guys, I'm deleting Rosealyn, Mr. Muller, Three Broomsticks Owner and Alexis, and putting Bellatrix up for adoption.
I'm still keeping Jax, Lina, and Ginny, but any ties with the first five characters I listed will be cut.

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lunar, [half-active] your amazing wolf friend (lunar_your_amazing_wolf_friend) Anyone wanna start RPing again with Lunar

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Luna can

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I mean Lina

lunar, [half-active] your amazing wolf friend (lunar_your_amazing_wolf_friend) Lol ok. Is later today fine?

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lunar, [half-active] your amazing wolf friend (lunar_your_amazing_wolf_friend) I'm sorry, I can RP rn if you're on!

lunar, [half-active] your amazing wolf friend (lunar_your_amazing_wolf_friend) Anyone wanna RP with me rn? Haven't rped in this group for quite a long time

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I meant to say this on sunday. Please read my latest status update

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