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DauntlessGG | 18 comments Mod
Hello Nook Readers!

We have our first book pick announcement for September \o/

I am not 100% sure on how the books will be picked going forward, if you are fine with me picking them or would prefer a poll? Let me know.

This months is a fantasy novel, I tried to watch the page count but Fantasy books are notoriously long so I apologise if you feel its on the bigger side.

I will keep the books within Fantasy/Sci Fi/Thriller for the first few months until we get into it since that seems to be what people are most comfortable with. Obviously feel free to skip a month if you find the book pick just really isn't something you're interested in!

I will set up discussion sections for people to discuss the book as they read without fear of spoilers then one final post for when the book is finished which will include more specific discussion points.

I will be looking to get the Oct/Nov books picked within the next couple of weeks in order to give everyone plenty of time to acquire them.

Septembers book is Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

It is classed as a Fantasy and is available in Paperback/Ebook/Audio Book

Synopsis -
Since he was five years old, Lazlo Strange has been obsessed with the mythical lost city of Weep, but it would take someone bolder than he to go in search of it. Then a stunning opportunity presents itself - in the person of a hero called the Godslayer and a band of legendary warriors - and he has to seize his chance or lose his dream forever.

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DauntlessGG | 18 comments Mod
4 days till September! I have ordered my book and hoping it arrives quickly so I can get started. Has anyone else managed to get theirs yet?

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Noom_tv | 4 comments Just reposting this here:

not sure if this will be useful to anyone but Lady Noom and I just figured out you can share a single Amazon Prime subscription using the Amazon Household feature, one major thing for us is it lets you share your book collection, and you can both be reading it at the same time.

So yeah! We purchased it via Amazon (once!) and have it on our e-readers. Lady Noom might have got herself a new Kindle too.

Tug also recommended an app called "Library Extension" that lets you integrate with local libraries to see if books are available there, Libby and Hoopla were also suggested. Might be a really good way to get the book for free.

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Orcanaught | 3 comments This will be interesting for me as someone who is not a prolific reader but pretty hyped to try different books.

I dug out my kindle paperweight after ages last night, hoping to just get the e-book off amazon. It seems to connect to the wifi just fine but can't connect to amazon or goodreads? I looked it up and the update button is greyed out which is supposed to signify that its updating, and it takes a while to update apparently.

It's either that or its just busted lol. Might resort to the library option if that doesn't seem to be fixing itself anytime soon.

message 5: by Fevvers (new)

Fevvers (belettepeu) | 3 comments There is the free kindle app if you don’t mind reading off a screen or, presuming you don’t have a subscription already, you could sign up for a free trial on audible and just listen to it... while painting models maybe :P

message 6: by Orcanaught (new)

Orcanaught | 3 comments Fevvers wrote: "There is the free kindle app if you don’t mind reading off a screen or, presuming you don’t have a subscription already, you could sign up for a free trial on audible and just listen to it... while..."

Yeah, the audible route might be best at this point, so I can get started on it and get more paint on these models. Haha

message 7: by oddrots (new)

oddrots | 1 comments My local library has the ebook on Overdrive (I just got it today!) so it might be worth checking your own library. Some (most?) libraries allow people to sign up for a library card for use on Overdrive even if they don't live in the area.

message 8: by Lucsly (new)

Lucsly | 5 comments I ordered an ebook version via my local bookstore, it was only 1 euro and it works fine, I started the book already (hope that isn't considered cheating!)

For Dutch people (I don't know if their website allows overseas shoppers), the ebook can be found via . The direct link is but I am not sure if it works.

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DauntlessGG | 18 comments Mod
Of course not! I plan to start it ASAP :)

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