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Melanie Gabbard (melaniegabbard) | 5 comments I would love a few beta readers for my YA speculative fiction with light romance.

Every sin committed throughout your life etches into your skin permanently for the world to see.
In a tattoo shop in a Dallas suburb, sixteen-year-old Kieran Black masks her face, the part with her murder sinstamp—the stamp that etched into her skin when she was six and was found next to her birth mother’s body, the stamp no one can know about. As a professional makeup artist, she creates coverups for customers she wishes she could afford for herself while her mom and sister blend ink around sinstamps, helping to ease others’ daily judgment burden one tattoo at a time.
After being teased one too many times, she breaks down and breaks the law, stealing the latest makeup that covers stamps for two weeks. As the sinstamp for stealing carves its way onto her finger, it erases and somehow jumps to her mom, who is arrested and sent to jail for the crime Kieran committed. Already unable to forgive herself for the murder she can’t remember, Kieran, who does everything to blend in, risks exposing everything to clear her mom.

YA Books are Epic (yabooksareepic) | 3 comments This sounds intriguing.

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Melanie Gabbard (melaniegabbard) | 5 comments YA Books are Epic wrote: "This sounds intriguing."

Would you be willing to beta read? :)

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