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message 1: by W (new)

W Earlier,there was a ban that lasted several years.Again the Supreme Court has hinted at banning it.How do you view it ?

message 2: by M Jahangir (new)

M Jahangir kz (jahangirkhanzada) | 4 comments what is the reason of banning this time around??? I haven't following the news that much.

message 3: by W (new)

W The Supreme Court wasn't happy with some videoes about judges on youtube,so they hinted at banning it again.

message 4: by Abbas (new)

Abbas ALi | 19 comments Pakistanis aren't happy with the Supreme Court either, so should we ban that too? ;-)

message 5: by M Jahangir (new)

M Jahangir kz (jahangirkhanzada) | 4 comments neither God is happy with us, he should ban us all..

message 6: by W (new)

W Now PTA has asked youtube to regulate its content in Pakistan.Youtube may not agree to this.So things are getting a bit uncertain and the possibility of a ban cannot be ruled out.

message 7: by W (new)

W Not now,but it can be.

message 8: by W (last edited Aug 30, 2020 08:04AM) (new)

W Today's Dawn also carries an editorial on this subject.The memory of the last youtube ban for over three years is still fresh,when the then government used the pretext of one objectionable video to block the entire site.

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