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˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Name:

Code Name:







History (why they became criminals and such):

Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah):




Position in Central (i will post the positions):


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Name: Elena Hale
Age: 18
Code name: Silver Phantom
Sexuaity: Straight
Personality: Elena is a sassy and confident person. She is smart and can be fun and loving along with caring.
History: Elena became a criminal because her parents were killed. She wants to get revenge.
Type: Assassin
Weapons: Guns, knives, bow and arrows.
Skills: karate, handling gun, knifes, and bow and arrows
Position in centroa: Eagle

Caramel {Thank you for showing me what it’s like to be human} (thecaramel_rose) Name: Venus Carter
Code name: Kagi (Japanese for shadow [The only Japanese I know])
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Looks: short blonde hair; 5’6”; green eyes; pale white skin
Personality: stone cold; calculating; nice when you get to know her; rarely smiles; not afraid to kill
History: Grew up in foster home most of her life and it didn’t suit her. She ran away and made a name for herself at the age of 12. Her name isn’t a good one...
Type of Criminal: Assassin or cat burglar (she take a job if she can get it.)
Weapon: Rifle but ALWAYS keeps a blade on her
Skills: Lock picking; martial arts; and a skilled planner
Position: Eagle

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˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Sahara wrote: "Name: Elena Hale
Age: 18
Sexuaity: Straight
Personality: Elena is a sassy and c..."

Approved, but can you put her code name?

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˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) THEcaramel_rose wrote: "Name: Venus Carter
Code name: Kagi (Japanese for shadow [The only Japanese I know])
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Looks: short blonde hair; 5’6”; green eyes; pale white skin
Personality: s..."


˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) You two are welcome to add outfits to your characters, but it is totally optional

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˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Name: Aelin

Code Name: Queen Python

Age: 20

Gender: F

Sexuality: straight



Might add more...

Personality: Aelin is pure cold hearted. She is ruthless and harsh, and she takes no mercy. She would kill you and never look back. She has pure and raw skill, metal and killing in her blood. Aelin’s mother was maybe the most skilled and fearsome criminal in the known system, and she got all the good genes. She is tall, super tall, and that makes her even more intimidating, if the cold eyes and raw skill didn’t scare you off first. She doesn’t often take jobs, but when she does, no one hears of her. She kills, robs, or silences for people without a trace. The news has even started putting together a suspect for the body’s and missing items. They say the person is male, from somewhere far off, and the police never can track her. Aelin basically lives in the shadows, but when she comes out, you’ll be lucky of you survive.

History (why they became criminals and such): Aelin’s mother was the former Queen of Criminals, and her father was the King. She was trained as soon as she could walk to kill and hunt, it was in her blood to take over the Central. When her mother died, Aelin was a broken teen, but she learned to not care and become closed off. She hides her emotions and almost never smiles. Aelin has always just been a ruler and a killer.

Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah): Queen of Criminals

Weapons: she has mastered all of them, but she prefers knives or a sword. She always has two pistols at her side though

Skills: tracking, stealth, weapons and steel, climbing

Power(s): Darkness and Shadows mixed with telepathy

Position in Central (i will post the positions): Queen

Other: ...none

♥ strawberry cow ♥ Name: Vora

Code Name: Void

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight



Personality: Vora's kind when she needs to be, and very smart with her movements she's sometimes unforgivable and she is also very quick, she doesn't understand the word Rules the way their supposed to be understood.

History (why they became criminals and such): Vora's mother was the former Queen of Criminals, and her father was the King, you might think that Vora would've trained with her sister but she trained with her dad she became softer and kinder then her mother but still cold, and soon after became a master of her weapon and combat.

Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah): Princess of Criminals but a fantastic thief too.

Weapons: Two twin pistols that were her mothers

Skills: Pistols, knives.

Position in Central (i will post the positions): Princess

Other: is Aelin's sister

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Name: Killian

Code Name: Oak Wood

Age: 17

Gender: M

Sexuality: straight


Outfits: dark pants, a tight black t-shirt, black tennis shoes, black jacket

Personality: Killian is very upbeat and loves to make stupid jokes. He is very tall and lanky, so he can fit into slim spaces. He can make friends very easily, but is very timid. He loves to speak, and always says whatever pops into his mind. Killian is a technical genius and uses it to sneak around houses. He is super smart and, boy, does he know it.

History (why they became criminals and such): Killian’s father was a master thief, before he retired. His father trained him to be a slick as a shadow and to be in and out in a mission. Killian uses his skills to take whatever job he can to support his father. His mother died when he was born, and he is driven by his anger and grief.

Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah): their

Weapons: Pistol and daggers

Skills: stealth, blending in, talking, being a technical genius

Position in Central (i will post the positions): eye

Other: none...

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Name: Ayra

Code Name: Clear Bird

Age: 14

Gender: F

Sexuality: straight


Outfits: (Minus the hair)

Personality: Ayra is pretty cold and closed off. She has what her mother calls, dry humor. If someone says, ‘we can do this,’ she will say, ‘well, we could always die.’ She is very straight forward and doesn’t waste words. Ayra likes to read and train in peace, so you will often find her training late late at night, or early early in the morning. She is very quiet, but not shy, and very brave.

History (why they became criminals and such): Her mother and father were assassins themselves before they were thrown in prison, they were caught. She joined the system so she could get the money to release them. Ayra takes only the most expensive jobs and never steals.

Type of Criminal (assassin, thief, blah, blah, blah): assassin

Weapons: sword or knife

Skills: stealth, sword or knife, flexibility

Position in Central (i will post the positions): Eagle

Other: ...

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Name: Onyx Karasu

Code Name: Arcana

"You've heard of me, you just don't know it yet."

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Grayromantic and Asexual

"You think I need someone around me. You're clearly delusional."

Looks: Onyx has long, messy black hair and unreadable dark eyes, and light-golden skin. She is surprisingly small and petite, and very fast. She’s also slender but shockingly strong, and heavy for her size with muscle weight.
On a mission, she’ll dye her hair dark red (natural, obviously) and put in light brown contacts. She’ll also go with a lot of subtle makeup, making her look much older than she really is (putting highlighter in all the wrong spots so her cheeks look rounder, her nose looks bigger, etc.)

"Underestimate me; it might be the last thing you do."

Dress Style:

She usually wears steel-heeled black boots, in which she hides one or two knives. She’ll hide more inside her signature dark-red bomber jacket, and often wears fake nails. Not for vanity - because the ones she has are custom poisoned and sharpened, designed to paralyze a target with just a puncture in the skin. Her rings have hidden spikes in them too, primed with other poisons. Mainly paralytics and sleep, but some are lethal.

"My nails? The topcoat is deadly poison. It's how I get the sheen."

Personality: Onyx is usually quiet and calm, but confident and fearless. She's intelligent and clever. She was always independent and prefers working alone as opposed to on a team. She wastes no time, always very direct and efficient, and she doesn't cut any crap. Most people see her as cold, or reserved, but it's really that she just doesn't have anything to say to you. However, she has an unexpected sass and wit.
Onyx is extremely observant and has very sharp senses. She's amazing at reading people's movements and emotions, and usually finds a way to work things to her advantage. She's resourceful and quick on her feet, and loyal if you really manage to earn her trust. Which is hard. Her primary fear is being overpowered, or being helpless. Which is why she's trained to handle almost anything.
She can be very deceptive, and people always fall for whatever trap she's created. She's not manipulative or dishonest, really, she's just very good at lying and acting. Her quick thinking and sharp eye make it hard to disbelieve her act. Also, you can't stop her. She's stubborn and lethal...basically not someone you want to mess with. She's not afraid to prove it.
Onyx is a bit competitive and can be vicious if she wants to be. She doesn’t like it when others are obviously better than her - she can handle fair competition. But she’s also very intimidating when she tries, and there’s a difference between being better than her and challenging her.

Likes: the stars, quiet, nighttime, clever strategy, muay thai, sushi, training, drawing, computers, good data, learning something new, logic puzzles, math and engineering, psychology

Dislikes: obnoxious idiots, people who are loud or annoying, liars, tacos, getting something wrong, not having an escape route, not getting something done in time, wasting time

"I'd advise you not to get in my way, but I think you can only understand simple sentences."

- Nightmare by Halsey
- Bullet In A Gun by Imagine Dragons
- Stronger by The Score

"My mind is a weapon as much as that knife in your back."

History: Onyx was found in an orphanage as a baby. A wealthy, elderly couple took her in. Sounds normal? Not anymore. As it turns out, that couple had been taking in children over the years, and their private grounds were overflowing with little children, young teens, and young adults. The children were taught to lie first- so that when they went to their elite private school, they wouldn't get too close to their adoptive siblings.
After school every day, the students would train with the adults - their teachers. Each section of their grand mansion was assigned for a specific type of training - martial arts, weapons training, physical training, computers, mental psychology, law, and everything else. They weren't allowed to rest until they'd met every demand for that day.
Onyx learned quickly. She would bring books or sneak weapons to her room (which was an alcove, well-hidden behind the third fireplace on the first floor). She listened to podcasts at lunch, going without rest or adequate food for days to see what happened in training. She did everything she could to rise to the top of the class; she liked winning, and beating others. No matter what obstacle was sent at her, she’d bounce back with a vengeance.
She was sent on her first mission a little before her thirteenth birthday.
The System - that was what their pseudo-family was called - declared her ready to graduate after ten kills (the initiation). She chose to leave them, and made her own life outside. She still worked with them, often hacking into databases to document their targets or sending them classified information. She also still went to the same school. She just made it clear that she wasn't with them anymore.
She made an illegal network for herself, finding money and solid kills. Her skills made her invaluable to anyone who hired her. Over time, she became notorious as Arcana, and a glimpse of her red bomber meant trouble. She would be there, and suddenly she’d vanish from sight for a while. Then the government would get wind of her again, and she’d commit another kill. Then she’d be gone again. At one point, it was assumed that she’d gone into hiding. Nope.
Only once did she ever have trouble with a mission. She was scouting through an alley when a drunken man found her and decided that he liked her. Needless to say, she took care of that problem, but it scarred her.

"It’s not that I’m too young, it’s that I’m too skilled to die."

Type of Criminal: Assassin, Hacker, a little bit of espionage

Weapons: obviously her knives, rings and nails. She’s good with guns though, especially from afar. Anything small and portable, that gets the job done...she’s trained with basically all weapons. Tasers are fun too. She could also take down a system online, through the database. Honestly though? She doesn't even need a weapon.

"I don't need one of those. It's just going to slow me down."

Skills: any type of combat (hand-to-hand, weapons, debates); very physically fit and agile; aim; deception; strategy; hacking and computers; disarming sass; picks up on any tell or trail; poisons and espionage

Strengths: wit and brainpower, fighting and training, agility, strength, speed, reflexes, strategy, manipulation, determination and sharp senses, logic, quick learner, sharp aim, sharp senses; her best weapon is a dagger or gun

Weaknesses: slow to trust, likes being independent, doesn’t like to work with others, competitive, ambitious, secretive and doesn’t give up information easily, doesn’t care about the law or law enforcement

"I’ll only trust you if you prove capable. And right now, you’re in my way, which means you’re not."

Position in Central: Trainer, but she sometimes takes over for a Guard if needed

Pet: a mountain lion named Scheme

Other: her favorite color is midnight blue

"I’m only changing my mind if you prove beyond a doubt that I’m wrong."

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Approved! That is AMAZING!!

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thank you!! It took me a while

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Totally worth it!

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Z ||Frypans, who knew!!|| (doyoulikescarymovies_) | 5 comments Name: Kate

Code Name: Midnight

Age: 17

Gender: female

Sexuality: bisexual


Outfits: All black

Personality: TBRP'ED

History (why they became criminals and such): she ran with the wrong crowd

Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah): Assassin

Weapons: daggers

Skills: speed

Position in Central (i will post the positions): Eyes


˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Approved

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Approved!!

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amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) Name: Amberly Campbell
Code Name: AMBitious EaRLY bird
Age: 15
Gender: female
Sexuality: heteroflexible asexual
Personality: loves to read, likes to drink coffee, mysterious, introvert, loves history, likes poetry, has a wide vocabulary, speaks latin
History: her best friend was murdered and she wanted to hunt for the murderer
Type of Criminal: hunter
Weapons: fountain pens (for stabbing eyes out), hardcover books over 1,000 pages (for smashing skulls and giving papercuts)

Position in Central: Knocks
Skills: going undercover, stealth

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Approved!

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Name: Jasper White

Code Name: Black Night

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight



Personality: Jasper is a lady's man. He is sweet, caring, funny, arrogant, smart, respctful and responsible all at the same time.

History (why they became criminals and such): His whole family was assassined.

Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah): Hunter

Weapons: Daggers, bow and arrow

Skills: He can handle combat with any type of weapon. He is also a black belt in karate. he has very fast reflexes

Position in Central (i will post the positions): Eagle

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♥ strawberry cow ♥ Name: Rachel Penny

Code Name: Summer moon

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight



Personality: Rachel is clever and sarcastic. She always has her guard up, but she has a soft side that she never lets anyone else see. She's stealthy and has a habit of sneaking up on people. She has kleptomania, and might steal your watch by accident if you're not careful.

History (why they became criminals and such): Rachel's mom died when she was 13, she lived with her dad for the year till she started stealing stuff, her dad was very protected of Rachel since her mom died so he was very against sending her here, so she snuck out and is still sorta in contact of her very angry dad.

Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah): Thief

Weapons: She has two golden knives.

Skills: Fighting, flexibility, stealth.

Position in Central (i will post the positions): Eagle

Other: none

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Name: Katharine de Thanae

Code Name: Belladonna

"My nickname was chosen wrong. Belladonna is too merciful a death."

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Aromantic and Asexual - she will never be owned by anyone and only shows her allegiance to someone she knows has earned it.

"If you think you can touch me without losing a hand, you’re even more idiotic than you look."

Looks: Katharine has a sheet of long, straight pure-white hair. Her eyes are cold, bright silver and her skin is deathly pale. She has scars all over her abdomen, back, arms and legs, and one across her neck. She’s iron strong, tall and lean, as graceful and silent and fast as a black mamba. Because of her coloring and the fact that she only ever wears white or gray, she looks like a marble statue - cold, imposing, regal, and likely to smash you.

Dress Style:

Katharine is always dressed in shades of white and sometimes light gray. She prefers wearing a skintight white suit with white boots, and her hair is usually left out in a straight sheet. Despite the heels on the boots, she’s always eerily silent, and you would never know she was coming unless she let you.
She might look unarmed, but rest assured that Katharine always has at least nine different weapons on her. In fact, it’s rare to see her with a weapon in plain sight; if she does, it’s a warning.
Katharine usually wears a silver cuff bracelet that emits electricity when tapped. It could severely injure a person with a zap. She also likes a pair of dangling, sharp steel earrings that double as lock picks, and a chain necklace that she can use as a garotte. She’s not one for jewelry or vanity, but anything she does wear in plain sight is still a weapon.

"You won’t see me coming anyway, why would I bother trying to hide?"

Personality: Katharine is even more cold, imposing and intimidating than she looks. She’s usually as flat and sharp as a blade - not showing emotion, and striking only to kill or cause severe pain. If she’re completely and utterly screwed.
You see, Katharine likes pain and torture. Fighting, killing and torturing are her hobbies, and her trade. She’s a master. Her one aim is to break anyone and everyone placed beneath her. She’s apathetic and unbending. She listens to no excuses and cares about no one (except her twin).
If Katharine makes it her mission to break a student, be prepared for a lot of blood, sweat and tears. And pain. Lots of that. She thinks that the more you break someone, the stronger they become; because once you’re already shattered, nothing will hurt you anymore. This is her way of training - breaking a student into pieces so that they can’t be hurt anymore.
Katharine loves torture, and finds art in making a death as painful as humanly possible. She knows exactly how, where and when to strike to inflict the most pain, and can make you beg for death before she’s even a third of the way done.
She’s unnervingly fast and fights like a demon. She acts like one too. She’s cunning, intelligent, and absolutely deadly. Katharine might seem like the spawn of the devil...because she kind of is. She’s unrelenting, sadistic, and vicious. There’s no resistance to her. No way you can protect yourself. If she has her mind set on something, you could raise heaven, hell and purgatory, and still not come close to stopping her.
Katharine is fiercely loyal to her brother and he is the one person she has ever or will ever care about. However, she absolutely hates being called Kat. She’ll kill anyone who tries (actually, her brother did it once. He still has the scars).
Her allegiance to Aelin was hard-earned, but it would be nearly impossible to make her abandon the queen. But no matter what, she never shows this. She will always be as cold, hard and unbreakable as titanium.

Likes: chains, whips, maces, clubs, knives, axes, machines, gears, torture, darkness, killing, pain, making other suffer, breaking down students, fighting, stretching out torment over inhumanly long periods of time

Dislikes: stupidity, failure, guns (they're too quick), ranged combat, people who are obnoxious or think they can get off easy, people who think they can buy, bribe, or beg their way out of things

"I’m going to be nice and only stab you through the stomach, not the heart."

A Little Wicked by Valerie Broussard
Play With Fire by Sam Tinnesz
Night of the Hunter by 30 Seconds To Mars

"If you prove yourself, I'll make it quicker."

History: Katharine and her twin Tyren were born to two members of a notorious gang - the leader and her husband. As per tradition, the children were left on the streets to survive alone at age 4. Katharine refused to be separated from Tyren, but they did have to go off occasionally to find something alone. The longest they were apart was for a few months at age nine, when they were separated in the city.
Katharine taught herself everything while loving on the streets. (Tyren did some of it, but she'll never admit that). At age thirteen, she and her brother were claimed by the gang. And she despised it. She hated them - not because they’d given the children away, but because they acted like it was such a privilege to be taken back. What was so great about living with this rough group of people who had never done a thing for them?
However, she and Tyren did receive a lot of training with the gang. They learned how to fight hand-to-hand, how to shoot a gun point-blank, and how to kill someone in a multitude of ways with just one dagger. Of course, they were also chained up for days with no food or water so they could learn how to escape. They were forced to fight bound up, or with a broken bone, to strengthen themselves to pain or to fight with a new style.
This was what taught Katharine to appreciate pain and killing. She broke under this kind of learning, being beaten down constantly and never earning a bit of safety. But she also knew that it made her stronger. Harder. Better. And as much as she hated their teachers, she knew that it was what made her so skilled.
Soon, she was done with the gang other than living and training. She and Tyren broke off, making a name for themselves in the underground. Their white hair and signature killing style (carving, rearranging, lots of ‘artistic’ license) made them infamous and highly sought-after.
Eventually, they met Aelin, whom they both refused to cooperate with at first - they were done dealing with criminals who thought they could run everything with their haughty voices and idiotic superiority. But Aelin earned their respect, and eventually their allegiance. Not that they would ever serve someone.

"It’s respect, not labor. If you want service, I have a set of daggers that would like a volunteer."

Type of Criminal: Thief, Assassin, Gang Member, Murderer, Kidnapper...the whole lot.

Weapons: daggers, whips, knives, axes, chains, poisons, martial arts, maces, hammers, pokers, electricity...anything painful, close-range, harsh and long-lasting. Really anything that could do any damage to a person - she can use that to kill someone. She once used a fry basket from a restaurant. She has great aim, but guns and throwing knives are too quick for her.

"Efficiency is overrated. I prefer working for my job."

Skills: torture, inflicting pain, close combat, martial arts, intellect, loyalty to her brother, high standards, cleverness, fighting, working with others at her level, always on guard and always aims for her goal

Strengths: close combat, knives, poison, fighting, speed, strength, intimidation, aim, inflicting pain, battle, lawlessness, confidence, determination, reflexes, training, resilience

Weaknesses: doesn't like making it quick or easy, doesn't like range fighting, apathy, remorseless, sadistic, fierce and stubborn, defiant, independent, refuses to bow to anyone

"The only thing I care about is how soon you'll shatter."

Position in Central: The Queen’s Lieutenant; she’s high on the command list, and has almost as much authority as the Princess. She can take over any position needed: Guard, Trainer, or Tormentor...which happens to be her specialty.

Pet: she has a black mamba named Naja

Other: Belladonna and nightshade are the same poisonous plant, so her twin’s code name is Nightshade

"Say 'we match' again and I'll gut you, Tyren."

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) approved, but to make things clear, you cannot make a character like this without Zelda's or mine approval

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Oh, okay. You said we were allowed to make different positions, and since this one wasn't as high as the Princess or Queen I thought it'd be okay.

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) yes, but only mods can create characters like this, but I'll let this slid because its not specifically a General or Captain, and its super hard and it looks like you spent a super long time on it

(( P.S. this is amazing! ))

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(thanks! can I make her twin still?)

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) what would the twin be in the Central?

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the same position

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) for the Queen?

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˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) cool! yeah, sure you can create the twin

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felix (neurosislix) Name: Joy En Rose

Code Name: Amai (Sweet in Japanese)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual

Hair style and color:
Eye color: Ivy Green
Skin: On the pale side; but her cheeks are normally blush pink
Height: 5' 1"
Body Type: Slim

Personality: She has a mask of acting sweet, naive, and bubbly. But when it comes down to it she is not afraid to kill anyone; or do what is normally considered wrong. She smiles at everyone; even before killing someone.
Random Traits: Feminist, Anti-Racist, Human & Animal rights activist.

History (why they became criminals and such): She became a criminal because of her distrust in the police force, and the government in general. Only one in her family who is a criminal.

Type of Criminal: Assassin, Thief

Weapons: Katana, Bow & Arrow, Rapier,

Skills: Public Speech, Sword fighting, Chemistry, Alchemy, Philosophy, Stealth, Slight of Hand.

Position in Central: Eye

Playlist (Sorry I thought it was a cool Idea)
Tag me (@ me) - Weeekly
Zimzalabim - Red Velvet
Oopsy - Weki Meki
Dumdi Dumdi - (G)i-dle
Hi High - LOONA
Cherry Bomb - NCT 127
Hug me - Dia
Deja Vu - Dreamcatcher

Other: Likes K-pop, Anime, Nintendo, Cats, Sweaters.

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Approved! Nice!

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 Reed | 49 comments Name: Kendrick Steel

Code Name: Mr. HK (Hunter Killer)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Strait


Sword form
<.img src=“

Bow form

Sunny Day form

He has each suit in black/gold and white/gold

History/Personality: Kendrick was trained from a young age by his grandfather, grandmother, mother, and father. His grandfather trained to speak 6 different languages and taught him various fighting styles. His grandmother trained to blend in plain sight and use parkour to seek up on targets. His father taught him how to use many weapons (guns, swords, bow, daggers, throwing knives, and spears/staffs). His father also taught him how to sail a boat and ride a horse. His mother taught him gymnastics and acrobatics and how to use the environment to his advantage. Kendrick is a living weapon and shield. He would not have made it through his training if it wasn’t for his drive and positivity. When Kendrick was young, his sister, brother, and cousin were kidnaped and assumed dead. He promised himself he would find the person who did it. He joined the criminal world to find the people who had hurt there family. His family still does not know that he is working undercover as a criminal. Kendrick has successfully done 126 hit missions. Each one was flawless. Despite his family incident he is warm, positive, charming, and suave. He makes jokes all the time and is very sarcastic at times. It only gets worse when he gets nervous. He makes more jokes when around enemies. It is a defense mechanism. However, Kendrick is very quick tempered. Sometimes he will jump into a situation without thinking, even though he has been taught to NOT do that.

History (why they became criminals and such): See above.

Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah): assassin, mastermind

Weapons: 2 Katanas that can connect into a double end katana, trick bow and arrows, trick throwing knives, Silenced silver pistol, silenced SCAR, Silenced AR with thermal scope, trick bombs, Desert Eagle, Combat Shot gun, hidden blade.

Skills: roof top running, par core, 6 languages, advanced combat skills, advanced weapon training, advanced vehicle training, plain sight training, memory training, and fast reflexes.

Powers: Energy Manipulation, telekinesis, super speed

Position in Central (i will post the positions): Eagle

Other: N/A

♥ strawberry cow ♥ Approved

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felix (neurosislix) Name: Noelle Weihnachten

Code Name: Christmass

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Hair color and style: Black,
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Skin: Caramel
Height: 5' 7"
Body Type: Normal; lol.
Race: Half Black/Half German


Personality: Christmas lover, She really does love Christmas. Sometimes she isn't merry like Christmas. She was named after Christmas. Holly, Jolly, Merry. She is a very 'Oh by golly have a Holly Jolly Christmas' lover.
Don't worry it's not her only personality trait. She is an oddball just like her best friend Joy En Rose. They like to be weird as it drives the normal people away.
History (why they became criminals and such): She wanted to join Joy, as she agreed with her reasoning.

Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah): Thief

Weapons: Throwing stars, Daggers, Kunai Knives

Skills: Christmas related activity's, Throwing, Hand to Hand combat, German, Spanish.

Position in Central (i will post the positions): Eye

Other: Loves Christmas songs.

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felix (neurosislix) I feel like I have to explain; but there is no way to. Because It is not possible.

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Name: Jeremy Gilbert

Code Name: Dark Knight

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight


Outfits: Jeremy likes to wear anything that is not a suit or fancy. He only wears suits for missions

Personality: Jeremy is possibly the most arrogant guy you will ever meet. He thnks about no one but himself. When you first meet him, he will seem like a jerk. Once you get to know him, he is as sweet, gentle, and caring as can be. He is very intelligent.

History (why they became criminals and such): When Jeremy was born, his parents left him on the side of the street. When he was 5, he was put into a foster home. His foster father used to abuse him. He foster mother was oblivious. When he was 10, he ran away and did anything he had to for his well being.
Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah): Hunter, Thief

Weapons: Daggers, and nunchucks.

Skills: Jeremy is a black belt in Karate. He has never lost a fight. He is fast and knows how to use daggers and nunchucks in combat.

Position in Central (i will post the positions): Trainer

"You really should stay away from me"
"What If I'm no superhero? What if I'm the Bad Guy?"

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amia (makevocaloidgreatagain) can i add night vision as amberly’s power?

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Name: Legacy Ray

Code Name: Dark Horse

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight



Personality: She is sweet, caring, sassy, and lovable. She is very confident. She is very friendly if you don't get on her bad side.

History (why they became criminals and such): Her little brother was killed.

Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah): Hunter

Weapons: Daggers

Skills: She is a black belt in karate, she can handle any type of knife. She can handle bow and arrows.

Power(s): Telepathy

Position in Central (i will post the positions): Eagle

Other: She is dating Kendrick

˙• a∂a •˙  (painmakesushuman) Name: Nile Stat

Code Name: Swift

Age: 17

Gender: F

Sexuality: Straight


Black crop tops of short sleeves
Black cloaks
High heeled combat boots
Black jeggings or leggings

Personality: Closed off. Those are the words you should use if you would like to describe Nile. She barely talks and when she does it usually means your teeth are about to be knocked out. Nile is scarred from her youth and it is in her natural reflex to stay away from people. She let someone to close and they almost killed her. She was never the same after that. Nile became quiet and almost shy. She killed the person who hurt her and ran off. All before she met Vora, who was on a job. Nile was still cold and harsh, but she learned to open up a little. Be warned though, her punches stayed the same.

History (why they became criminals and such): Nile let her father get to close to her. One day, her dad had been out drinking, when he came back Nile was waiting with dinner. It just so happened that the dinner was something her father hated. The man, in his drunkenness, grabbed a knife from the kitchen and chased Nile, cutting and slicing her up till she was but bones and hanging skin. Her sight from her left eye was damaged and she had a huge scar over her lip. The rest of her body was just as scarred, if not more. Nile killed her own father and ran away, searching for a job. She came across Princess Vora, who was out on a job. Nile told he princess that she wanted revenge over who had put her father in the state. Vora had laughed and brought her to the Central, in which she trained and trained and trained. She became a amazing student, but was never the same after what had happened with her father. She tracked down the bar tender and her father’s friends, killed them, but she still had this emptiness in her. Maybe one day she can fill it.

Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah): Hunter

Weapons: knives, but a bunch others too

Skills: Running, gymnastics, climbing, all knives, aim

Power(s): she can create 3D images in others minds

Position in Central (i will post the positions): Trainer

Other: ...

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Name: Zander Bright

Code Name: Speedy Ninja

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight


Outfits: Tuxedos
Shirt and ties
Any type of jeans or dresspants

Personality: Xander is a sweet, caring, and loving guy. There are times when he came be arrogant. He is very helpful, and mature.

History (why they became criminals and such): When Xander was 10, his father was killed. When he was 16, his mother was killed. He was left in the care of his older brother. His older brother hated him. He thought Stefan was the reason they're mother was killed. When he turned 18, his brother tried to kill him. Xander was sent to the hospital. He had them tell hix brother that he had died.

Type of Criminal (assassin, their, blah, blah, blah): Hunter, Assassin

Weapons: Bow and arrow, sword, dagger

Skills: he is a good fighter and a blackbelt in karate

Power(s): Telepathy and teleportation

Position in Central (i will post the positions): Trainer

Other: He has a brother named Noah.

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Name: Constance Walliams
Code Name: None (But people call her squirt)
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Looks: a blonde girl with a red outfit
Always the same, but she has multiple of the same outfit
Constance is stubborn and troublesome at times, she is strong-willed and dislikes doing what others tell her too. She has very little manners, and can often be found saying rude things about others behind their backs. But she is extremely smart for her age.
Constance was kidnapped at the age of 3 and annoyed her captor so much they let her go. Constance had run away from home many times in her young age, she didn't like her parents or siblings, making it easier for her to leave without a second thought. While she was pickpocketing someone for money one morning someone grabbed her and brought her to the Central. There she decided to truly become a criminal.
Type of Criminal: Pickpocket, thief.
Weapons: None, other than being extremely annoying
Skills: She is quite smart, for her age. Her size also makes it easy for her to seem helpless and innocent.
Power: None, other than being extremely strong-willed.
Position in Central: Knock

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