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Que | 12 comments here we go. i am working on my character atm. will post when done.

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Face & Voice claim: Jason Momas
Erik "Rik" Miller | 30 | 6'1'' | built body | Hawaiian | Oct. 31
English & Spanish | right lower arm | left upper arm | back neck | Hazel eyes
Scar under his left eye & left side of his cheek | both ears pierced

[personality type]

> fears × elevators | rollercoasters | airplanes
> likes × art | music | winter | rain | reading
> dislikes × the heat | pizza | pork |
> pet peeves × attitude | drinking | bad enegry | smoking
> hobbies × painting | working out | boxing


> sexual orientation × straight
> preference × women
> crush × vivienne Franklin
> virgin × no
> statue × single
> pets × chip [left] | cream [right]

[living family]

× Samantha Miller | "Sammy" | 23 | 5'5'' | slim body | English & Spanish | Nov. 21 | Sister

× Bryce Miller | "Ryce" | 25 | 6'1'' | slight built | English & Spanish | Aug. 10 | Brother

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Que | 12 comments didn't know how detailed you wanted the character sheet to be, so i will leave simple. i can add the details if need be.

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Que | 12 comments oh i actually like doing detailed sheets, so i will finish mine we your done posting yours. btw can you post the idea sheet so i may look like at it? thanks

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Que | 12 comments okay i have updated my sheet. you want to start us off.

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Que | 12 comments .. mm let me think. oh, maybe a normal day at work? or maybe Vivi sleeps over Erik's place and they go to work together

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The room beside the bathroom was Erik's bedroom. Vivi's short and warm voice made it's way between Erik's cracked bedroom door, and crossed the room to the man's ear. Erik could sleep through a earthquake but when it came to his dog's and that one voice. His body had to wake up, he grunted at first as his memories of the night before rushed back to him. He could hear Vivienne talking to cream and chip, is two dalmatians. He smirked and shook his head, he was glad that he wasn't the only one that spoke to animals like they were human. Erik stretched once he was sitting up on the side of the bed, he glanced at the door when he saw it open from the corner of his eye. He sighed with a smirk when he saw Cream walking towards him. "Hi girl.." he said shortly. His voice was slightly deep but it had a charm to it, and some women would even say that it had a sense of safety. Like with one word from him they would feel safe for some reason.

But their opinion didn't matter to him. It was only one woman that opinion matter to him more than anything and that was Vivienne. He was older than her by some years, he knew that and usually he wouldn't dare to like someone so much younger than him but he was different. Erik patted Cream on the head, her tail started to wag. "Come on girl. Let's get you and your man something to eat." he said as he stood up. He only had on his pajama pants, he grabbed a shirt from off the door on his way out his room. Cream followed behind Erik, she was a daddy's girl. Anywhere Erik went she would follow in a heartbeat. Erik was glad that Vivi was already in the bathroom, he quickly passed by to get to the kitchen. Once he was behind the counters, he started to make breakfast for everyone.

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Que | 12 comments are we still doing this RP?

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Que | 12 comments × it is fine. I wasn't rushing you, just wanted to make sure we were still on.

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Erik finished making breakfast for everyone. "Here girl." he said as he placed some raw meat and fruits in Creams bowl. He didnt believe in feeding his dog's dog food. It just didn't sit right with him, would he want to be feed some hard ass rocks. Nope.. so why would he do it to his dog's. Erik made sure he looked up everything that they shouldn't eat. And made it his top priority that he never made the mistake to feed them those foods. Erik made Vivi a plate and place it in the microwave. Cream ran to her bowl and Chip came out the bathroom, he sat beside his bowl looking up at Erik with his best sad face. "O yeah. But you was busy with your other girl." Erik said with a chuckle before he put the same food that he put into Creams bowl. Chip didnt waste no time before he stuffed his face into the bowl.

Erik walked out the kitchen with his breakfast burrito. He stopped at the bathroom door and bite his lip. If only she wasn't stuck on that fool that she calls her boyfriend. Erik shook his head and walked back into his room, he turned on the light and walked to his closet. He looked through his clothes, trying to figure out what he was going to wear.

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Erik sighed as he grabbed the uniform and throw it onto the bed. He finished eating his burrito as he stared at the uniform on the bed. He shook his head, the damn thing was ugly. He never thought he could hate clothing so much but, what was he gonna do? He wasn't much of a complainer, once he was done eating he got dressed. Which didn't take to much time, he heard the shower stop. He knew that meant Vivi was getting out. He grabbed his comb and the ponytail holder that was on his dresser as he walked out his room, turning off the light as well.

He combed his hair as he walked to the kitchen putting it into a messy bun. He froze and stared at Vivienne. Damn how could someone be so beautiful, no matter how messed her hair was or how mad and sweaty she was. She was still deadass gorgeous to him, he licked his bottom lip and sighed before he walked into the kitchen. He glanced at his watch and rolled his eyes. They were going to be late is hell today. "You want to ride with me.?" he asked as he leaned against the corner. Trying to play off the fact that he was still admiring her.

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Erik nodded to her words. He had forgotten that she took a ride with him. Erik grabbed a water bottle out the fridge and then grabbed his keys. "stay." he ordered Cookie as she started to follow Erik out the door. Erik held the door open for Viv to get out. Cookie gave him her puppy dog eyes, he shook his head and smirk. "I will see you later girl. Be good for me." he said as he patted her head and left out the door, closing it behind him. Erik locked the door and made his way out his apartment complex. He didnt have to worry about his dogs having to go outside since he had a doggie dog on his patio door. It was one of the perp of being on the floor level. "you come up with a lie yet?" he asked as he walked beside Viv.

He knew her boyfriend most likely blow her phone up last night and he also knew she wasnt going to tell him that she stayed over his place.  Everyone knew how he felt about Viv, Erik didnt really keep secrets unless he was asked to. He opened the passenger door for Vivienne. He closed it for her once she was inside and walked around to his side of his truck. Erik was a truck person always had been, he hated feeling like he didnt have enough room to do anything. And he finally sold his old ford f150 and got a GMC smoke gray and so far. He was loving it.

Erik jumped into the truck and glanced over at Vivienne. She was so beautiful, he licked his lips and shook his head without saying anything. He just started his truck and backed out of the parking space. He turned on the radio, before he made it to the main road. It was only about fifteen minutes before he was pulling into their jobs parking lot. He sighed as his mind started actually getting ready for the all day that was in front of him.

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