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Ain't She Sweet?
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance novel about woman who returns broke to American hometown to discover that they teacher she accused of unwanted touching (she lied btw) is now rich and living next to her. after a period of hating each other the fall in love. [s]

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Tine | 2 comments I'm looking for the title of a romance novel. I don't know the author anymore but the book is not unlike Jill Mansell novels. I read it somewhere around 2009-2011. A woman is broke and goes to live in her old hometown where she would rather not go back to since, when she was young in highschool, she lied that the young teacher working there touched here. He got fired as a result. Now, many years later she needs money and thinks there is a painting in the house of her hometown where she lives. She discovers that the old teacher (who is now a rich author) lives next to her. She takes a job as housekeeper with him because she needs the money. At first he offers her the job to humiliate her but as the story goes on they become friends and lovers and it ends with a scene where they are all together on a picnic blacket and she is pregnant or has a baby with her (I'm not sure anymore). In the end, they also found the 'painting' which they thought at first were just random stripes on a canvas. There is also a side story about her highschool sweatheart who is married now to the 'nerd' of the school and they have a daughter.

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Tine | 2 comments YES!!! Thank you so much - you made my day :-)

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