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message 1: by Tolu' (new)

Tolu' Akinyemi (poetolu) | 2 comments Hello, please can someone help me?

I mistakenly combined 3 of my books into 1, and I can't seem to separate them.

I have 3 books;

Book 1. [Book: Your Father Walks Like a Crab]
Book 2. Funny Men Cannot be Trusted
Book 3. I Laugh At These Skinny Girls

Each one has about 2 editions each, but currently, all editions of book 1 & book 2 are combined into Book 1.

Thanks in anticipation

Tolu' Akinyemi

message 2: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13752 comments I separated the books. It may take a couple of days before the ratings have sorted themselves out.

message 3: by Steve (new)

Steve Curry | 4 comments I've done the same thing. I was trying to combine paperbacks and ebooks on two other books and somehow combined Austin Wyrd with both copies of Freke Wyrd Voodoo. The initial problem was that I wasn't aware there were a couple dozen ratings and reviews on Yule, Have a Wyrd Christmas, and Wyrd Dis Appearances. So yes, this is a mess of my design.

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