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Kate S | 6164 comments 10.1 Short Works

Read a published collection or anthology of short stories.
You may create your own collection/anthology. Your collection will be the usual RwS 100 page minimum and include at least 3 stories where no story is more than 50 pages.
This task can be completed only once.
You cannot claim combos for this task nor may it be used for combo.

10.2 Scrabble!

The first letters of all the words in the title and author's name are your scrabble tiles. If you can form at least one word of at least 3 letters with your tiles, then you can read the book. You do not have to use all of your tiles. Required: Include the set of tiles the title and author gives you and the word or words you formed. Just like in Scrabble, no proper names can be used. Sub-titles may be used or ignored as benefits the reader.

10.3 Single

September 20-26 is National Singles Week. Read a book with a one word title. No subtitles for this task.

10.4 Pilgrim

Read a book with a title starting with one of the letters in PILGRIM (leading articles may be ignored for this task).

10.5 Monster Redux

Read a book with one of the following in the title: Devil(s)/Demon(s), Witch(es), Vampire(s), Zombie(s)/Undead, Ghost(s), or Werewolf(s).

10.6 Banned

In honor of Banned Book Week (Sept 27-Oct 3), read one of the top 200 Banned Books.

10.7 Non-Fiction (Ed's Task)

Read a Non-Fiction book that is NOT a biography, autobiography or memoir.

10.8 Jetsetters (Anika's Task)

Read a book that takes place in at least either three countries or three U.S. states. There is no set percentage, it could be as little as a paragraph, as long as it is clear that action has taken place in three distinct locales. Please include the countries/states visited when claiming this task.

10.9 Autumn Leaves (Mary's Task)

Read a book which includes an autumn leaf color (orange, red, brown or yellow) in the title or author's name. Any alternative for these four color names also qualifies. Examples: tangerine, and pumpkin qualify as orange; crimson and scarlet qualify as red, etc.

10.10 Group Reads

Read one of the books recommended by fellow RwS Readers:

Elizabeth (Alaska): Laura by Vera Caspary
Kate S: The Revisioners by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton
Kathleen (itpdx): The Enigma of Clarence Thomas by Corey Robin
Heather: Midnight in Chernobyl: The Untold Story of the World's Greatest Nuclear Disaster by Adam Higginbotham
Kaja: The Years by Annie Ernaux
Tien: The Last Migration by Charlotte McConaghy
Marie: Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi
Coralie: Youma byLafcadio Hearn
Nick: Dune by Frank Herbert
Connie: The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton by Edith Wharton
Norma: Paper Wife by Laila Ibrahim
Rosemary: Trent's Last Case byE.C. Bentley
Valerie: Brother by David Chariandy

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Kate S | 6164 comments 20.1 Award

Gail Tsukiyama was one of the presenters at the first National Book Festival in 2001. Read any book by one of these recipients of the PEN Oakland/Josephine Miles Literary Award.

20.2 Journalist

Daniel Silva was one of the presenters at the National Book Festival in 2007. Silva began his writing career as a journalist. Read any book by an author who has earned a living as a journalist.

20.3 Prolific

Mario Vargas Llosa, a prolific author, was one of the presenters at the National Book Festival in 2012. Read any book by an author who has published at least 20 book-length titles (100+ pages) of either fiction or nonfiction, or a combination of the two mediums.

20.4 Similar

Colson Whitehead was one of the presenters at the National Book Festival in 2009. Read one of Whitehead's books or any book linked on the Readers Also Enjoyed/See Similar Books section of any of his fiction or nonfiction. These are:

John Henry Days
The Intuitionist
Apex Hides the Hurt
Sag Harbor
Zone One
The Underground Railroad
The Nickel Boys

The Colossus of New York
The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death

20.5 Wine

Deborah Harkness was one of the presenters at the National Book Festival in 2018. Her Wikipedia page says she is "is an American scholar, novelist and wine enthusiast". Read a novel where a character(s) drink wine.

20.6 Civil War

E.L. Doctorow was one of the presenters at the National Book Festival in 2005. His The March, a book about one aspect of the American Civil War, was first published in 2005. Read any work set at least 51% during the American Civil War (1861-1865).

20.7 P.I.
Sue Grafton was one of the presenters at the first National Book Festival in 2001. Her works feature a private detective. Read any work where a private detective is the main character. (No police procedurals or works where a private citizen solves the crime, even if a series.)

20.8 Bedtime (Bryony's Task)

BBC Radio 4’s Book at Bedtime was first broadcast in 1949. The programme is still aired every weekday evening and presents abridged readings of fiction from classic novels to contemporary bestsellers.

Read a book that appears on this list of books featured on Book at Bedtime.

20.9 Initiated (Kate S's Task)

Read one of the top 350 books from the list of Most Begun but Unfinished (Initiated) Books.

20.10 Another Birthday? (Elizabeth (Alaska)'s Task)

A sort of milestone: 75. But I like company. Read any book by an author born in the 1940s and is still living.

30.1 Go for the Green

Let's turn some countries green! Read a book set at least 51% in any of the countries on the Group Project Spreadsheet that are not yet colored green. See the Help thread for (user friendly?) list.

Special Styles for this task only:

30 points for the remaining countries with no book claims (white on the spreadsheet)
20 points for countries that have only one book claim (blue color on the spreadsheet)

This is not a first to post task - no changes will be made to the spreadsheet until after the season is ove

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