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Fahrenheit 451
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Ray Bradbury Centennial Read-A-Thon

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message 2: by David (new) - added it

David (dassaf4) | 49 comments Oh yeah! Bradbury wrote this poignant intro to his imaginary autobiography when he was 20. It has not appeared online before now. He remained true to his vision, spending his career making friends, and was mentor to more than one generation of aspiring writers.

Brian Bess | 285 comments Mod
Ray will also hold a special place in my heart. I encountered him when I was 14 and his poetic voice and unique stories introduced me to an entirely different literary level than I'd attempted to reach before. I re-read three of his great collections just after he passed in 2012: 'The October Country', 'The Martian Chronicles', and 'The Illustrated Man', which was the one I started after having seen the film version of that book. The movie was botched but it did serve the greater purpose of conveying to me the flavor of Bradbury's stories so I'm grateful to it for that.

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David (dassaf4) | 49 comments I'm sitting here looking at the yellowing Martian Chronicles paperback with the Rock Hudson TV miniseries tie-in cover that I must've picked up at an elementary school book fair. The stories gave me nightmares back then and I didn't read another Bradbury until high school (F451, which I loved). It's high time for me to revisit him!

message 5: by Annie Lee (new)

Annie Lee Phillips (annieleephillips) | 1318 comments Mod
Picking up my mom's copy of Ray Bradbury's collected short stories at age 15 was love at first page. This amazing man and his words have transported me to so many moods and places. He was truly a master and my life is richer because of him!

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David (dassaf4) | 49 comments Indeed! My favorite account of how Bradbury affected people is from John Scalzi, who met him when he was 12, and who would grow up to be a science fiction author himself: .

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