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Does anyone else dislike Percy?

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Arthur Does anyone else dislike Percy?

rose - 忻怡 - No... I love Percy! Why would you say that?

Caro I love him, but why do you dislike him??

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Manha Ch I don't dislike him as a whole, no, but there are certain times where I feel like I do. I loved Percy in the PJO series, where he was just a awkward, cute, funny teenager, balancing his regular life with his demigod one. In the HoO series, I didn't like the way he was portrayed. He lost his temper all the time, all the other characters were almost afraid of him, and he was super overly protective of Annabeth. I understand that she's his girlfriend, but still. I don't think Percy would've reacted like that before. And then there's post-Tartarus Percy. I'm not gonna lie. Percy acts just like Luke here. He's always disrespecting the gods and resenting them. He seems really bitter towards him, even in the ToA where Percy doesn't want to help Apollo. I feel like Percy and Luke were always similar, but the closer to Luke's age that Percy grows, it seems his anger towards the gods also grows. He gets more pessimistic, hotheaded and sarcastic as the series goes on. I kind of prefer my lighthearted, humorous, optimistic young Percy.

Safiyyah I dislike Annabeth, but I love Percy. I'm ready to die now...

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Issy I agree with Liyla(sorry if I spelt your name wrong) his characteristics become more and more like Luke and less himself, but I still like Percy I just wish Rick dipped back into the personality we all love

(edit) it is now a year later and i have no idea what the hell i was talking about

Jack T. I liked Percy in this book. I don't think he was like Luke.

Selena percys awesome! i'm really enjoying percabeth and when I saw them going into taratus, I sorta died abit...

Amelia M Selena wrote: "percys awesome! i'm really enjoying percabeth and when I saw them going into taratus, I sorta died abit..."

I remember first reading that- I died

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Addy R No, I love Percy!

Amelia M I had a lot of respect for Percy in HoO and other series
but in Trials of Apollo when Apollo needs his help-
I love Percy

Andrea What? If you don't love Percy why do you even read the books? Percy is amazing!!!

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